Laboratory Muffle furnace:  How to choose a best Muffle furnace?

For choosing best furnace according to your requirement first you need to know about your working temperature range.

Muffle furnaces are designed according to the given temperature range.

  • 50-900 degrees – Muffle type Chamber
  • 50-1100 degree – Tile Chamber
  • 50 – 1450 degree –Board Chamber
  • 100-1700 degree – Ceramic Board Chamber
  • 100-1800 degree – Ceramic Board Chamber

For the safety of user you have to have good quality insulation. There are many kind of insulation available in market& few are given below.

  • Glass Wool Insulation – This is not recommended for safety of user
  • Brick Insulation – Not recommended
  • Zirconia Fiber Board 1400 – Density 200-600kg/m3
  • Ceramic Fiber Board 1700 – Density: 300-600kg/m3
  • Ceramic Fiber Board 1800 – Density: 350-600kg/m3

We always recommend for ceramic fiber board for zero skin temperature with long life of machinery and user safety.

Controller plays important role in selection of a Lab Muffle furnace.  Choose your controller according to your requirement.

  • PID controller –PID controller have auto tune facility with double and single display have set value and present value options.
  • Programmable controller (Profile Controller) – This is the advance version of PID controller which has RAMP Rate & Soaking time setting, It also shows remaining time in a set program.
  • PLC with HMI – PLC is a controlling device with HMI display for better user experience. PLC has programming, data logging, Chart facility, Graph, RS 232, USB port, 7 inches digital display, 50 stored program.

Electrical components for power supply to heating elements.

  • SSR – Solid State relay
  • SCR – Silicon Controlled Rectifier
  • Thyristor
  • Transformer

We always recommend Thyristor for furnace instead of SSR and transformer because of many advantages like proper electrical supply to heating elements, Temperature accuracy & low power consumption.

Keep all the above points in mind before buying a muffle furnace.  Laboratory Muffle furnace outer construction, door opening and design is also one of the parameter to keep in mind. Heating elements & thermocouple will be fitted according to the temperature range of the furnace.

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