Types of Autoclave

Autoclave is one of the most important invention in the field of Medical instrument and scientific equipment. Autoclaves are designed for various applications in different industries.

  • Food Industry – Sterilization of wrapped goods
  • Pharmaceutical industry – Sterilization of Culture media
  • Hospitals – Sterilization of surgical instruments and patient cloths
  • Bio medical Waste organization – Sterilization of bio medical waste before incineration
  • R & D Labs – Used for De-Pyrogenation of Glassware’s

All Types of autoclaves works on the principle of steam pressure and Steam temperature for sterilization but different autoclave has different functions.
Yatherm Offers all types of Autoclaves used in the industries.

Horizontal Autoclave

This device is known as high speed high pressure autoclave which saves your time by heating the chamber at very fast rate. This is front loading machine saves your user time who loads many cycles for your operation theater. It gives completely dry & sterilized product

Double Door Autoclave

When you need completely safe products you should go with a pass through autoclave. Pass through autoclave or double door autoclaves have one sterile door and rear door is non sterile door. User place goods from one door for sterilization and take sterile goods in other room from Rear door. Operation Theater, Clean room & manufacturing unit design unit according to the pass through autoclave for easy sterilization.

Vertical Autoclave

Vertical Autoclave is compact & specially designed for laboratory which has space constraint. Vertical autoclave is easy to install, easy to use, easy to move anywhere in lab and easy to validate. Vertical autoclaves have many models like Economy models, 21 CFR compliance model, GMP models, and Triple Walled Model. These autoclaves can manage sterilization of bottles of culture media and laboratory glass wares. Vertical autoclaves used for class N type sterilization.

Class B Autoclave

Class B Autoclaves are equipped with vacuum pump for pre vacuum and post vacuuming. It is designed for wrapped goods like patient cloths, bed sheet and packed surgical instruments. It gives complete dry and sterilize product because it removes complete cold moisture from the Chamber. It is recommended for dentist & operation theaters in Hospitals.

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