Important Q&A’s for Hospitals with Morgue

Storing Dead Bodies? Three Q&A’s you should review.

If your hospital storing dead bodies, Are you using the correct Mortuary cabinet for your hospital? Here are few questions & Answers which will give you more clarification on the temperature range of Mortuary cabinet.


Q: What is the temperature range of Mortuary cabinet?

A:  As per the international standards temperature range of a mortuary cabinet is 2 to 6 degree Celsius. You need a quality controller and thermometer to monitor the continuous temperature of the cabinet chamber. For accurate temperature inside the cabinet you must have a quality thermocouple dipped in glycol filled bottle instead of placing it in air. Temperature of cabinet should be accurate to avoid any kind of dead body decay.  Air fixed thermocouples are not accurate in comparison of glycol filled bottle because dipped thermocouple provides the temperature of liquid glycol where as air heaters provides temperature of air. Mortuary cabinet controller must have buzzer alarm for upper and lower limit of set temperature.


Q:  What type of dead bodies you store in your mortuary cabinet?

A:  There is many kind of dead body which is kept inside the mortuary cabinet. India is a nation with huge population with huge number of deaths per day.

There are few dead bodies which undergo the burial and physical disposal within 24 hours after death. We don’t require mortuary cabinet for these types of dead bodies because of lesser chances of body decay.

In case of accidents police examination is must and dead bodies are kept inside the mortuary cabinet for few days which is less than a week.

Unidentified dead bodies & soldiers dead bodies during the war are kept for long time without burial and physical disposal needs to be kept inside the Mortuary cabinet. You cannot store dead bodies for more than a week at 2-6 degree Celsius temperature. After a week time cadaverous starts decaying at a very fast rate 7 to maintain hygiene we cannot store the cadaverous  in mortuary cabinet.


Q: What is the difference between mortuary cabinet and Mortuary freezer?

A:   Mortuary cabinet and Mortuary freezers are used to store cadaverous in hospitals, Railway Station & Army. There is a big difference between both the units operating temperature.

  • Mortuary Cabinet (Mortuary chamber) — Temperature Range – 2 to 6 degree Celsius
  • Mortuary freezer – 0 To (-10 degree Celsius)

Preservation of body for long time is known as mummification in past time but these days we are using cooling Mortuary Freezer for preserving the body. Lower temperature saves the body from microorganism decay.

Still you have any doubt about Mortuary cabinets feel free to contact us any time.

Important Q&A’s About Muffle Furnace working

Muffle Furnace working operation Q&A

Q: How Muffle furnace Works.

A: Muffle furnace works on the principle of electrical heating with the help of heating elements.  Heating elements are connected through contractor /SSR / Transformer.  PID controller controls the temperature and display on the screen with the help of thermocouple. Muffle furnace designed for many industrial and research application. There are few Q & A asked by many users regarding muffle furnace.


Q: Can we purge Nitrogen gas in Box furnace?

A: NO, purging any gas inside the chamber is not possible. For gas treatment there is a new kind of furnace and we call it atmospheric furnace. There is a huge difference between box furnace and atmospheric furnace.


Q: What is Atmospheric Furnace?

A: This type of furnace is specially designed for gas purging and vacuuming before gas transfer into the chamber. Atmospheric furnaces are fully sealed from all side of the chamber so that it can maintain the vacuum and gas pressure inside the chamber. This furnace is used for those substances which can easily undergo the oxidation while heat treatment.

After closing the door we start vacuum pump and creates vacuum inside the chamber. In full vacuum condition we purge the nitrogen gas inside the chamber and creates inert atmosphere in muffle furnace. After Purging of nitrogen gas we start the heating the muffle furnace chamber.


Q: Can we purge Nitrogen gas after reaching the set temperature?

A: Purging of Gas and vacuuming is not possible in hot environment inside the chamber. Nitrogen gas is colder than Air and it can give thermal shock to heating elements which can damage the heaters and interrupt our operation. It is always recommended to purge nitrogen gas inside the chamber prior heating the chamber.


Q: What is the Difference between Tube furnace and Box furnace?

A: Tube furnace is generally used for chemical synthesis under inert atmosphere condition where box furnace is used for heating and ash content measurement.  All tube furnaces are atmospheric furnaces and box furnaces are heating muffle furnaces.