Biological Safety Cabinet Class 2


Yatherm Bio-safety cabinets II is a steel cabinet covered from all five sides. This cabinet is specially designed to save the user from all kinds of biological hazards. Our Biological Safety cabinets are equipped with HEPA filters and Pre-filters to provide filtered air. Yatherm environment-friendly cabinet has easy and economical set up with plugin use facility. Our Class II biological safety cabinet provides a safe environment for users and products.

Most Importantly HEPA/ULPA filters are used to trap the particulates & contaminated hazardous agents. These Filters are selected for the filtration of chemical powders which are manufactured according to the ASTM standards. Biological Safety Cabinet Class II is specially manufactured for Microbiology laboratories because of its advantage of protecting samples from airborne contaminants. This is the advantage given by HEPA filters and Pre-filters with air circulation in the workspace.

Biosafety cabinets are reckoned for providing downward airflow and recirculation of airflow which gives a safe environment to the User and product. We offer biosafety hood in a microbiology lab, pharmaceutical industries for drug preparation & chemotherapy testing.


 Class II biosafety cabinets are classified on the basis of its features, construction, international standards, & application It is divided into four standard categories detailed description given below.

Class II, type A 1: This class of biosafety cabinets is designed for those rooms which don’t have the facility of ducting. Type A 1 can be used for lower risky agents for mild chemical reactions & low nuclear energy reactions.

Classification of biosafety cabinet is done on the basis of airflow and which is measured in feet per minute & percentage of re-circulation and exhaust. This class of biosafety cabinet has an inflow velocity range of 75 ft per minute to 80 ft per minute. Recirculation takes place above 4-5 inches above the working surface and exhaust is in the downward direction.  The re-circulation of air through HEPA filter is 70% of the total air re-circulates inside the chamber and the remaining 30% exhaust downwards with the pressure of the blower.

We don’t recommend this type of biosafety cabinet for biologically hazardous chemicals or radioactive chemical reactions.

Class II, Type A2: This type of biosafety cabinets are specially designed with a ducting facility for 70% air must be vented. Most importantly 30% of the total air re-circulates inside the working area. These types of biosafety cabinet can be used for biological hazardous samples and vigorous chemical reactions.

Type A2 is designed with an airflow range of 100 feet per minute to 120 feet per minute. A2 cabinets contaminated area for testing of samples under positive pressure are always surrounded by Negative pressure which can be seen in the differential pressure manometer. The remaining construction of the biosafety cabinet will remain the same.

Class II, Type B1: The Type B1 cabinets provide a minimum of 100 feet per minute velocity. This cabinet is the advance version of Type A1 cabinet which has a ducting facility & 30% air exhaust directly from the working chamber passing through the HEPA & Prefilters. 70% of the air re-circulated inside the working area of the cabinet. This cabinet is suitable for Microbial toxins reacting with hazardous chemicals in low quantities. An atom has excess nuclear energy is known as radionuclides and most importantly radionuclides are very much essential for the microbiology laboratory.

Class II, Type B2: This cabinet is designed for 100% exhaust through a proper ducting facility. This cabinet has no air re-circulation and dedicated to hazardous chemical reactions & biological agents like fungus, bacteria, and viruses in the microbiology lab. We design what you ask and we deliver with perfection at a reasonable price.

CE certifiedHighly reliable
Energy EfficientProper Airflow Management System
Proper  fluorescent lampDOP test Port
Microprocessor-based ControllerUser-Friendly
Durable & Low maintenanceMS powder coated construction
Low noise operationWall plenum Construction
Class 100 work environment as per  ISO 14644-1Audio / visual sash alarm
Operating Principle:

Biosafety cabinet II works on the principle of clean air flow pass through the HEPA filter to exhaust by duct and re-circulation of air inside the working area. Downward Vertical airflow passes through the HEPA filter protects the sample from contamination. Re-circulation of air saves the user from hazardous chemicals/ microorganisms & air exhaust through HEPA filters saves the environment.

Construction Details:

The Biosafety cabinet is designed with Outer Mild steel powder coated construction with inner complete SS 304 grade. It has double-walled construction with proper insulation and airflow. It comes with a base cabinet or without base cabinet have multiple shelves & lockable door.

Blower Assembly – 1/3 HP motor which runs on Single Phase has 1440 RPM motor with Capacity of 1000 CFM & Pressure 30 mm WG.

Exhaust Assembly – Capacity of 300 CFM & ducting by a Stainless steel pipe have a diameter as per user requirement.

Illumination– We use Philips Illumination light with 700-1000 Lux which illuminates the working table including UV light which is used for cleanliness within the equipment.

Noise level– Yatherm Biological safety cabinets are designed with low noise levels most importantly it is less than 55 Db.

Dimensions Matrix:
Nominal Size2 ft.3 ft.4 ft.5 ft.6 ft.
Working area (ft.)2 x 2 x 23 x 2 x 24 x 2 x 25 x 2 x 26 x 2 x 2
External size (ft.)2 x 3 x 73 x 3 x 74 x 3 x 75 x 3 x 76 x 3 x 7
Benchtop Models (ft.)2 x 3 x 43 x 3 x 44 x 3 x 45 x 3 x 46 x 3 x 4
Technical Matrix:
Cabinet constructionSS 304 / MS powder Coated
Cleanliness classISO class 3
Operating Temperature5 – 60 degree Celsius
Operating relative humidity30-95% Relative Humidity
Atmospheric pressure120 Pascal’s
Illumination level>900 Lux
Noise pressure<65 decibel
Air supply filterPre-Filters are Washable
Differential pressure Indicating a range0-500 in Manometer
Differential pressure indicating the precision+ 1%
Power Requirements500 watts


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