Blood Bank Refrigerator

Blood Storage Cabinet/ Blood Bank refrigerator/ 4°C Blood Bags Storage Cabinet


Blood bank or Laboratory refrigerators are very necessary equipment, as they allow various fluids and chemicals to be kept in good condition, usually at very low temperatures. The lower the temperature, the lower the chemical and biological activity. We have ±2 to ±8 °C medical refrigerators and ±2 to ±4 ° C blood bank refrigerators. Used in the medical industry, hospitals, blood banks, sanitary and epidemiological stations, for the storage of pharmaceutical, biological products, and vaccines, among others.


Blood bank refrigerators are designed to provide proper storage and preservation of pharmaceuticals, medications, reagents, blood and more. They ensure that the product is stored in the best sanitary and temperature conditions, with a slender alarm monitoring system and temperature plotter or temperature data logger.


Multifunctional Electronic System for Maximum Reliability:

  • Easy access to the door handle with digital display
  • Audio-visual alarm system with the remote transmission in case of unexpected temperature changes and power failures
  • Compatible with the universal ° B Connected software for remote data monitoring, recording and archiving of Long-term
  • The USB port to export data easily
  • Backup battery
  • Helps increase blood safety


Optimized Design to Give Energy Efficiency:

  • Lightweight 4-layer organic glass for a better view of the content
  • High-performance compressor
  • Minimized loss of cold air
  • Ecological refrigerant
  • Significantly contributes to the carbon footprint


Improved Construction Cabinet for Long-Term Durability:

  • Cabinet with a lifetime anti-corrosion guarantee
  • One-piece cabinet made of high-quality polypropylene for better insulation and robustness
  • Edgeless edges for easier maintenance and cleaning
  • Ergonomic design for safe handling
  • Requires little maintenance


Blood Bank Refrigerator Features:

  • Forced air cooling by means of a diffuser placed in the upper part to have a homogeneous and constant temperature. The diffuser stops with the door open. It has uniformity of +/- 1 ° C (It has certification of plant calibration).
  • Automatic defrost with a drain to the outside and evaporation of the thaw.
  • Microprocessor control to maintain the temperature between 2 ° C to 8 ° C (configurable) in ambient temperatures up to 42 ° C. It controls the complete operation of the refrigerator.
  • The controller has a 4-minute voltage retarder.
  • Temperature and alarm display with 2 digits and one decimal point.
  • Door with a double panel of thermoset glass with argon gas between its panels. With an ergonomic handle and self-closing system, magnetic packaging offers a hermetic seal and safety lock with a duplicate key that does not contact the inside.
  • External panels in an electrolytically galvanized sheet covered with epoxy paint.
  • Interior panel in 304 Stainless Steel. No sharp parts, burrs or excess material.
  • Asylum with Polyurethane of 38kgs / m3 of 5 cms thick, free of CFC.
  • Hermetically sealed, quiet and maintenance-free compressor.
  • Ecological CFC free refrigerant.
  • Maintenance-free condenser.
  • Interior lighting in white light (cold light) with switch outside.
  • 4 legs with leveling insulating base.
  • Power supply: 115 Volts at 60 Hz with polarized plug.
  • Audible and visual alarms with a self-rechargeable backup battery for 48 hours (it has an indicator in case of low battery) for the following cases:
  • Temperatures greater than 8 º C and less than 2 ºC (configurable)
  • Power supply failure
  • Door open for more than 1 minute (configurable)
  • Temperature sensor fault
  • Low battery
  • Alarm system with the ability to connect to several remote alarms.


Blood Storage cabinet Technical Specifications
ParticularsRed 72Red 150Red 225Red 300RED 375
Temperature ControlMicroprocessor-based PID controller
DisplayLCD 1×4 inches
Internal Dimensions
W x D x H [mm]
53 x 525 x 645650 x 760 x 640650 x 760 x 850650 x 760 x 1040650 x 760 x 1250
External Dimensions
W x D x H [mm]
650 x 680 x 1190800 x 950 x 1200800 x 950 x 1430800 x 950 x 1630800 x 950 x 1835
Capacity [Liters]120215310410500
The capacity of Blood Bags
[ 450 ml/350 ml ]
Number of Drawers22345
Drawer CapacityMaximum 28 / 36 bagsMaximum 60 / 75 bags
TemperatureFactory Set at  4°C ± o.5°C
Temperature Alarm                                                      +/- 2 degree Celsius
Internal Body MaterialRust Proof SS 304
External Body MaterialGIPC (GI powder coated)
Insulation60mm Cabinet & Door75 mm minimum for Body & 85 mm for Door, CFC free polyurethane foam
IlluminationLED Lights
RecorderThermal Printer/ Cyclic Chart recorder
Noise LevelLess Than 65 dB(A)
Battery Backup (Controller)Rechargeable, Fully charged Sealed Maintenance Free battery runs for more than eight hours (Optional)
Line Voltage CorrectorInbuilt of suitable rating
Power Failure AlarmAudio & Visual Alarm
Electrical220-240 Volts, 50 Hz, SINGLE PHASE


Why Choose Yatherm Blood Bank Refrigerators?

Yatherm blood bank refrigerators offer reliability, efficiency, and durability at an unbeatable price. We are committed to exploring new technologies and diversifying our portfolio of solutions. We are a flexible and innovative company. We put the customer at the center of our concerns. We have been recognized for the excellence and performance of our solutions. These refrigerators are containment equipment designed with high technology and materials of the highest quality. Consult us without obligation to the technical details of the blood bank refrigerator.



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