Blood/Fluid Warmer Cabinet

Blanket Warmer cabinet/Fluid warmer cabinet/Combination Warming cabinet


A Fluid Warmer or Blanket Warmer Cabinet is Medical equipment used in the healthcare industry for warming blood products and iv Fluids at 37 °C to 60 °C. Standard temperature for warming blood products is 37 °C and warming cabinets maintain the accuracy of typically  +/- 0.1 °C. Yatherm Scientific manufactures and supplies standard and customized Fluid warmer cabinet with WHO standards which Complies 21 CFR part 11 for Temperature Controller.


The fluid warmer cabinet saves the Human body from hypothermia Because temperature variation of blood products can cause high & low body temperature. Fluid warming cabinets are equipped with a fully automatic temperature controller, Timer & USB port for real-time data acquisition. We design warming cabinets for fluid and blood in complete stainless steel with movable wheels.


Completely sealed warming cabinets have an inbuilt air circulation fan for uniform temperature with Fin Type air heaters. Neoprene Gasket saves the cabinet from any kind of leakage and temperature loss. Our Blanket warming cabinets are compact, lightweight & user-friendly.


Yatherm Warming Cabinets

  • Leading designs
  • SS Construction
  • Energy efficient
  • Fully sealed chamber
  • User-Friendly
  • Improved access to supplies
  • Durability and ease of use
  • Air circulation Fan
  • Temperature Controlling facility
  • Rapid inventory Assessment
  • Customized design, depth, door material, premium features, base, and installation
  • HOSPI   100 (100 liters)
  • HOSPI   150 (157 liters)
  • HOSPI   330 (330 liters)

Fluid warmers are also known as warming cabinet, heated lotion cabinets, iv fluid warmer,  Solution warmers and Blanket warmers. Yatherm Scientific blanket warmers are specially designed for use in operation theaters, Casualty departments & Maternity Delivery Suits for the quick supply of fluids.


Fluid Warmer Cabinet Construction

  • Fully Sealed Chambers
  • Rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • SS 304 outer and inner body
  • Mirror view
  • Silicon gasket
  • SS trays
  • Alarm indicator for Low and high temperature
  • Programmable controller with Cut off feature
  • Safety thermostat for over-temperature protection
  • Password Protection helps in saving a temperature setting
  • Door Lock  for the safety of fluids stored


Fluid Warmer Cabinet Specification
HOSPI  100
HOSPI  150
HOSPI  330
External (Dimensions H x W x D mm)582 x 684 x 620790 x 684 x 620 1417 x 684 x 620
Internal (Dimensions H x W x D mm)350 x 550 x 500550 x 550 x 5001100 x 550 x 500
Chamber Capacity (liters)100157330
Shelves included245
Power Rating (Watts)240 (maximum)280 (maximum)440 (maximum)
Weight (kg)6075107
Temperature RangeAt least 5°C above ambient to +60°C
Temperature ControlTypically ± 0.1°C at 37°C
Temperature VariationTypically better than ± 0.2°C at 37°C
Temperature Recovery (approx)2 minutes3 minutes4 minutes

Blanket Warming Cabinets

Yatherm Scientific Designs Blanket Warming cabinets according to the customer need. Yatherm Scientific never hesitate in making big, ready-made customized equipments for its customers. We offer a year’s warranty to our clients worldwide and we supply spare parts for 10 years after delivery of the product. Blanket Warmer Cabinets are specially designed for keeping Hospital blankets at 40 Degree Celsius. Yatherm Warming Cabinets are Fully automatic with high & low alarm facility.

Blanket Warming cabinets offered in many models like HOSPI 50 to HOSPI 500. Blanket warmers are easy to maintain & available at an economic price in India. We are supplying Warming cabinets to the Europan, Asian & African Nations with great after-sales support. Most of the Indian Hospitals are using Yatherm Blanket warming cabinets.



Yatherm Supply Combination Warmer Cabinet used in warming fluids before infusion into the human body. We offer a combination warming cabinet with a fluid warming cabinet in a combination of the blanket. Our dual chamber cabinets are designed to use blankets in one chamber and iv fluids in another chamber. Combination warming cabinets are available in only big sizes above 200 liters capacity with the dual controller. Users can set the temperature of each chamber according to the goods placed inside the chamber. Yatherm offers standard and customized Fluid warmer & Blanket warmer cabinet at the best price in India.



Combination Warming Cabinet Construction

Chamber is designed with rustproof Stainless steel 304 & outer chamber with GI powder Coated. Modern lockable Door locks & hinges make the equipment safer for the user.

Rustproof SS-304 perforated trays provide uniform temperature to the blankets from the bottom & sides. Minimum 2 trays and Maximum 6-8 trays as per the dimension of the Cabinet.

The microprocessor-based PID controller provides an accurate temperature reading with a double display setting. Digital timer up to 9999 minutes offers a soaking time feature to the Cabinet.



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