Jar Test Apparatus

Digital Jar Test Apparatus/Jar Tester/ Digital Flocculator with RPM & Timer

Yatherm Scientific manufactures Jar test Apparatus for testing water soluble polymers. Most importantly used with conventional waste water treatment processes such as coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation in water, waste water treatment, flock formation test in water treatment plants and other industrial applications. It is a Laboratory mixing and stirring equipment for water treatment industry. Yatherm is known for their customization & better quality product with best price in India.


Jar Test Flocculator used for uniform stirring of samples in water testing laboratory. The unit is provided with speed regulator for variable speed, S.S. Stirring shafts with adjustable height, S.S. propeller, and tube light is provided at base for illumination). This efficient machine is manufactured using quality materials and advanced technology. Digital Flocculator can be customized to manual and fully automatic operation with digital Display.


Digital Jar test apparatus is a very advance instrument for Jar Test Calculation in Treatment plants. Jar Test Experiment determines the coagulation and flocculation with the help of jar Test apparatus. Jar test Experiments depends on the objective of the experiments which is based on sedimentation, performance of coagulants & PH results. Jar test procedure for water treatment helps in jar test for optimum dosage of alum. Jar Test Coagulation can be determine only when you test samples in jar at a speed of 4 RPM to 16 RPM. High speed will not allow to coagulate the treated water when under go Jar test.


Jar Test Apparatus Principle – Digital Flocculator works on the principle of stirring from top by spindles in low RPM speed. Low Speed stirring provide information on coagulation & flocculation of untreated water in the jar. Speed regulator can fix the speed and display will show accurate results of RPM. Jar Test calculation is based on the coagulation and which develop in jar only after mixing of Samples at low speed RPM.



  • ETP
  • STP
  • R&D laboratory
  • Hotel Industry
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Water Research Industry



  • Finds usage as Laboratory mixing and stirring equipment
  • Efficient and Economical handling of Flocculation matter
  • Used for water treatment Application
  • Correct estimation of dosing of alum and other coagulants
  • Equipment designed for flock formation tests in water
  • Equipment saves expense through putting end to unnecessary chemical waste
  • Six paddle stirrer presence that supports determination of exact amount of input needed to trigger flocculation
  • Easy regulation of stirrer speed
  • Stainless steel stirring paddles
  • Housing made of mild steel sheet in powder coated finish


Jar test Apparatus Specifications:

No. of Jar (Stirrer options)246
Speed range2 to 250 RPM (Made available in variable speed control)
Pre-set programs2
TimerDigital timer supports – 0 to 99 minutes
Controls KeypadTouch sensitive
Digital DisplayLED, digital rpm indicator support
Power220 v ac supply, 50 Hz, 100 W
Temperature35 oC
Accuracy+/-  2 RPM
SizeStandard and Customized
BodyPowder coated body finish

We offer on year warranty with ten years spare parts availability to all available models for customer satisfaction. We believe in better quality and great after sales support.


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