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Microorganism has made us aware of how many common areas we share. Many common gathering places were caught unaware and became points from where the coronavirus spread to many people. Despite severe lockdowns, many people still need to gather at staging areas for public safety and medical care related activities.

Yatherm has introduced a special line of decontamination and sanitation tunnel products to cater to increased demand for ensuring the safety of the personnel who continue to work towards resolving this global pandemic. These products can sanitize a number of people in one go and larger size tents can even sanitize large vehicles like ambulances.


  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Communities
  • Super Markets
  • Scenic Spots
  • Shopping Mall
  • Stations
  • Air Ports
  • factories
  • Court Rooms
  • Police Station
  • Metro Stations


Purpose of sanitization tunnels

These tunnels are an extremely effective access control system. They are meant to be placed at the entry and exit points of common gathering areas the hospitals, police stations, malls, stadiums, government offices, courthouses, etc. When a person or a group of persons wants to enter common areas, they have to go through these tunnels.

When in the tunnel, persons are sprayed with mists and vapors of disinfectant medicines. The spray is done using high-pressure pumps which turn the medicines to atomized microdroplets. The microdroplets of these atomized sprays can also easily penetrate regular clothing material thus ensuring deep sanitization.


Technical Specifications and Features of Sanitization Tunnels
  • Double Walled Construction for long time operation
  • Aluminum Frame is lightweight and corrosion-resistant.
  • SS 304 Grade Construction of Walls
  • Variation of width available between 1 meter for personnel to 12 meters for vehicles.
  • Different ducting materials and pump HP range available.
  • The tunnels are equipped with Wheels as per recommendation for easy mobility
  • Advanced models come with traffic lights and motion sensors.


Sanitation Tunnel  Technical Specifications: 
Model No. Tunnel 1 Tunnel 2 Tunnel 3
Internal Size 1 x 2.2 x 1 (W x H x D) Metre 1 x 2.2 x 2 (W x H x D) Metre 1 x 2.2 x 3 (W x H x D) Metre
Water Tank 100 Liters 200 Liters 200 Liters
Spray Atomizer (Top Side) 3-4 6-8 10 -12
Walls Double Wall Construction
Inner Chamber Construction SS 304
Outer Body SS 304/ SS 316/ GIPC/ PVC
Sanitation Timing 5-10 Seconds
Operation Fully Automatic
Entry Door Stainless Steel Door / PVC curtains
Hand Sanitizer Inbuilt with Refillable Bottle
Power 220 /110 V
Timer Digital Adjustable Timer
Noise Level Less than 55 Db
Discharge Rate 2-5 LPH
Average Droplet Size 20 to 50 Micron
Standard fittings Fluorescent light

Nozzle (Fixed or Adjustable)

Emergency stop buttons

Anti-slip floor

Door closers

Door handles

Body Temperature Measurement

Optional Infrared sensor auto sliding door

PLC controller w/ touch screen

Temperature Display Unit

Design Options One-way entry

Two-way exit type & customized Design


Sanitation Tunnel  Technical Specifications: Goods & Carts
Model No. Tunnel 11 Tunnel 22
Internal Size 2 x 2.2 x 3 (W x H x D) Metre 3 x 5 x 3 (W x H x D) Metre
Water Tank 200 Liters 200 Liters
Spray Atomizer (Top Side) 10 -12 18-20
Suitable Goods, Cart, Car & Truck
Walls Double Wall Construction
Inner Chamber Construction SS 304 / PVC
Outer Body SS 304/ SS 316/ GIPC/ PVC
Operation Fully Automatic
Power 220 V
Noise Level Less than 55 Db
Discharge Rate 5-10 LPH
Average Droplet Size 50 to 60 Micron


Operation of Sanitization Tunnels

These tunnels are very easy to deploy and operate. Once deployed in front of the gates, it becomes compulsory for every person who wants to reach the common area to pass through this arc shape passage. The frame is equipped with spray nozzles which are connected to a pump and disinfectant tanks using rubber or metal tubing.

The Operator can start the pump and sanitizer will be pumped to nozzles which will start creating a mist in the tent. In a matter of minute sufficient mist is created in the tunnel and people can start passing through it. Once everyone has passed, the pump can be turned off to save sanitizer and electricity.

More advanced Decontamination and Sanitation Tunnel models come equipped with special devices like traffic lights and motion detectors. Traffic lights work will work on simple red and green principle whereas motion detectors will automatically trigger the spray once the sensors detect any motion in the tunnel.

 At Yatherm, we are ready to manufacture and deploy these sanitization tunnels at very reasonable prices at a very rapid pace. Our industrial units have the capability to rapidly scale up production to cater to orders of any size and timelines. Always depend on Yatherm for quality products!


Chemical/Disinfectant Use in Sanitation Booth

We don’t recommend any chemical and disinfectant to our users as we are manufacturing Sanitation Tunnel Equipment only. Three disinfectants can be used after the recommendation of local authorities or consultation with doctors. Dilute Chlorine Dioxide 100 -400PPM, Dilute Sodium Hypochlorite 100-500PPM & Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide 100 – 400PPM can be used as a disinfectant for tunnel after consultation with Doctors. HOCL is known as hypochlorous acid which is a Skin-friendly disinfectant that we can use for showering on humans. Hypochlorous acid has 2.5 PH value & it is generally used during an operation to stop bleeding. HOCL can be used as a safe disinfectant for showering on the human body.


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