Plasma Thawing Bath

Yatherm Scientific has been serving Hospital industry for 15 years worldwide. We receive many queries and suggestion about the design of Plasma thawing bath with little customization. Yatherm manufacture customized/ standard designs and offers quality product at best price in INDIA. Our Plasma Thawing bath designs according to the WHO guidelines.

Plasma Thawing bath is used in hospitals for quick thaw of plasma at 37 degree Celsius. Human Blood once donated can be used in three different ways & plasma is the most important part of blood used for transplant in Human Body. Yatherm Plasma Thaw YS 20 used for fast thawing of plasma at standard temperature level.  YS 20 designed with 21 CFR compliance PID controller for temperature controlled and agitation for safety of human blood Plasma.

Thawing temperature always preset at 37°C with ±0.1°C stability. Yatherm offers best quality and after sales support worldwide with 10 years spare parts supply to all our clients. We offer standard Siemens PLC with HMI for complete automatic operation and real time data recording. Plasma Thaw bath is a kind of water bath used for thawing the blood plasma in medical industry for quick output. Yatherm Plasma thaw bath construction of inner chamber complete SS 304 with outer MS powder coated. Our Baths are consist of castor wheels for easy mobility within the hospital for fast usage. Post your queries on our mail id & for fast reply call us any time.


Plasma Thawing Bath Specification

Model NumberNo. of BagsInternal Size in cm (W x D x H)External Size in cm (W x D x H)Temperature Range
YS 20 A1625 x 37 x 2041 x 64 x 754 to-37°C
YS 20 B1625 x 37 x 1735 x 64 x 3437°C


 Special Features:

  • Audio-visual alarm for high / low temperature.
  • Display of Set value & Process value.
  • Integrated pump for internal circulation maintains precise temperature uniformity throughout the liquid medium.
  • Rounded corners for better water circulation and uniformity.
  • Formed in place PUF insulation improves temperature stability and energy efficiency.
  • Calibration & Validation of cryoprecipitate plasma thawing bath
  • Precise control of temperature
  • Audiovisual alarm for temperature
  • Display of set value and process value.
  • Castor wheels for ease of mobility.
  • Door with heating element for inhibiting frost build up.
  • Safe, gentle thawing and heating conditions for the Blood.
  • Plasma and HPC programs ensures dual over temperature protection.


General Features: Temperature range from 4°C to 100°C with micro controller includes digital temperature display with set & process value.

Software: CFR 21 Part 11 compliance web based communication software for data management. Complete with RS 485 multi dropping to monitor.


Benefits at a Glance:

  • “Yatherm” Plasmatherm can thaws 8 bags at a time.
  • Very Simple to operate and intuitive application.
  • High standard of hygiene.
  • Dry warming.
  • Smooth surfaces and rounded edges are provided inside and outside of the tank.
  • Easy to clean through wipe disinfection inside the covers and tank
  • Electronic documentation provided on request.
  • leak detection sensors to avoid risk of contamination or infection
  • Easy programmed Shortcuts for plasma, blood, HPC and user program
  • Large LED display with plain text
  • Cushions conform to bag
  • The Plasmatherm can be used for transfusions & infusion of solutions.


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