Horizontal Autoclave

Round and Rectangular Horizontal Steam Sterilizer

Sterilization is a process of killing microorganism with the help of steam sterilizer at 121°C & steam pressure of 15 to 20 PSI. Horizontal autoclaves are high-speed high-pressure autoclaves designed at our state-of-the-art in manufacturing unit in the supervision of experienced personnel following ASTM standard. Yatherm manufactures Horizontal Steam Sterilizer in Round shape and Rectangular shape with all standard features for Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology industries, Food Industry, Biomedical waste management industry & packaging industry.

Yatherm NABL certified horizontal Steam Sterilizer is specially designed for NABH hospitals equipped with 21 CFR microprocessor based Controller. Yatherm Scientific invites our clients to visit our manufacturing unit once to see the complete making of a high-speed high-pressure autoclave. We design all horizontal sterilizers in triple walled construction for fast temperature recovery after running a cycle.

Our Steam Sterilizer gives accurate temperature and pressure inside the sterilization chamber needed for the sterilization process of a surgical instrument, laboratory instruments & glassware. High-Pressure steam sterilizer chambers and boilers are designed with a thick stainless steel sheet. Our HPHV autoclave gives a highly satisfying performance & best price in India & the world market.


Low Water Cut off for the safety of heaters Triple Walled Construction
SS boiler with tank capacity up to 300 liters Single and double doors
Negative Pressure Locking system SS Immersion heaters
Jointless Neoprene gasket Vacuum breakers
Round And rectangular shapes Hydraulic testing up to 2.5 times working pressure
Horizontal Autoclave Diagram

Horizontal Steam Sterilizer Construction:

Yatherm Horizontal sterilizer has triple walled construction made up of complete stainless steel 304 & has the advantage of low water consumption, low power supply & fast heating. Horizontal autoclaves can store steam into jacket after one cycle competition for the second cycle. High-Speed Horizontal autoclave gives a completely dry sample in comparison to the double-walled vertical autoclave.

Horizontal Autoclave Controlling device:

Temperature Controller – Yatherm Provide a microprocessor based PID controller consists of temperature, timer with buzzer alarm. The controller has a double LED display for set and process value with a time of 9999 minutes.

21 CFR controllers display F0 value with an online data recording facility without any manipulation.  15 minute at 121.1 degrees gives F0 value 15 points; it is an important factor these days in the sterilization of surgical instruments in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pressure Controller – Yatherm Scientific offers made in DENMARK pressure controller for the safety of user and autoclave. Pressure controller cut off the electrical supply of heaters when it reaches to set value.



 The sterilizer can be designed in a single door or double door with a radial locking provision. Negative or positive pressure doesn’t allow the door to open until it comes to atmospheric pressure.


The trolley can be designed in stainless steel or Mild steel with SS wheels for easy mobility. The trolley is a very essential part of the horizontal sterilizer which saves material from contamination.

Multi-Port Valve

The multi-port valve controls the speed of steam purging, steam transfer from jacket to the chamber, vacuum exhaust, of the slow exhaust

Moisture Trap

Moisture trap designed for removing cold moisture from the chamber when a multi port valve transfers the steam from jacket to sterilization chamber during the sterilization cycle.

Vacuum Breaker

Condensed steam creates a vacuum inside the chamber and jacket and vacuum breakers safeguard user and machine from shrinkage. Vacuum breakers fitted on top one for sterilization chamber and second for jacket. All Pipe connections are made from SS 304/SS316 of the BSP standard.

Emergency On/Off

It releases all steam pressure from the chamber by opening all solenoids valve in case of an emergency. It is one of the safety features of Horizontal sterilizer.

Steam Generator / Boiler:
6 KW Water Heater

Steam generator designed according to the sterilization chamber size capacity. Boilers are designed with ISI mark u shape heaters with low water cut off system and glass window for water level indicator.

High-Speed type.

A high-speed term used for speedy sterilization cycle by increasing the load of horizontal autoclaves.  Hospital operation theaters require high-speed autoclave for sterilization of surgical instruments.

Optional Accessories

Feed Water Arrangement    – We can use a water pump or motor for filling the water tank of the sterilizer.

Process Control Unit    – We can use a semi-automatic or fully automatic system as per customer requirement.

Vacuum System     – Vacuum drying/air removal with the help of the water ring vacuum pump can be designed in rectangular autoclaves only.  Pre-vacuuming and post-vacuuming for pulsation in an autoclave for complete air removal in the form of trapped moisture.

PLC w/ HMI       –  We offer Delta, Siemens & Eurotherm PLC with touch screen HMI for better user experience. PLC consists of data logging facility, preset programs, USB port, RS 232 port, Graph, Animation and real-time printing with time, pressure and temperature recording.

STANDARDS  – IS 3829 standard followed by Yatherm scientific in the manufacturing of Horizontal sterilizers. We are ISO & CE certified organizations follow the ASTM standard for sterilization chamber manufacturing.

Technical Matrix – Steam Sterilizer 

Shape Rectangular & Round
Operating  temperature 121°C -134 °C
Operating  pressure 15 to 25 psi
Hydraulic tested on 40 psi
Insulation High-Quality Glass wool
Piping Stainless Steel 304
Chamber condensate line Moisture Trap
Controller type NABL certified PID temperature controller,  Digital timer controller with END cycle buzzer
Sensor Calibrated PT 100
Heaters ISI mark immersion heaters
LID SS 304 w/ Pressure locking device
Radial locking system Chrome plated MS
Stand MS powder coated
Tray SS tray /Sliding Trolley option rectangular
Power supply 440 Volts 50 Hz, Three Phase


Round Horizontal Autoclave Dimensions

Model No. Dia. x Height (mm) Volume (Liters)
Clavex 140 400 x 1100 140
Clavex 175 500 x 900 175
Clavex 230 500 x 1200 230
Clavex 339 600 x 1200 340
Clavex 552 750 x 1200 552


Rectangular Horizontal Autoclave Dimension

Model No. W x H x D (mm) Volume (Liters)
HIclave 182 450 x 450 x 900 182
Hiclave 243 450 x 600 x 900 243
Hiclave 324 600 x 600 x 900 324
Hiclave 432 600 x 600 x 1200 432
Hiclave 540 600 x 750 x 1200 540
Hiclave 810 600 x 900 x 1500 810
Hiclave 1215 900 x 900 x 1500 1215

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