Wrist Action Shaker

4, 6, 8 & 12 holders Wrist action shaker



Wrist Action shaker is shaking equipment manufactured for testing samples in 50 ml to 1000 ml conical flask & Small Size Round bottom flask. Yatherm Wrist action shaker has two wrists on each side of the shaker for accommodating 4 to 12 flasks. Wrist action shakers are specially designed for slow variable oscillations ranges from 10 to 200 RPM which reflects in RPM display meter. This machine comes with a Speed regulator & flask holder clamp on each side of the wrist for an excellent shaking phenomenon.


Laboratory Wrist shaker has exterior Mild steel construction with SS rod to hold the wrist of shakers. Clamps are made up of MS powder coated with rubber holders for the safety of glassware. Yatherm manufactures rugged and high-quality benchtop models of shakers which occupy very little space in your laboratory. We offer reliable laboratory wrist shakers at the best price to the world market with great after sales support and spare parts availability. We are the one who supplies laboratory wrist shakers according to the client’s technical specifications most importantly which match the International Products quality.


User-Friendly50 to 1000 ml Conical flask Capacity
Compatible Round bottom flask HolderManual & Digital Speed Controller
99 minutes Timer10 to 250 RPM
 Non-Slip Bottom2,4,6,8,10,12 & 16 flask holders
Wrist Action Shaker Specifications:
Holding Capacity4 Flasks6-8 Flasks10-12 Flasks
Flask-Capacity50 ml. to 1000 ml50 ml. to 1000 ml50 ml. to 1000 ml
TimerOn/off, 99 minutes timer
Speed Control10 to 250 RPM
ConstructionGI powder coated
PowerSingle-phase 220 V +/- 10% , %0/60 Hz frequency
OptionalFixed Speed, Digital Speed Controller, Digital Timer

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