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Cold Rooms are Customized and ready-made preservation rooms designed and installed at site with complete cooling specifications. Modular Cold Room is a space where you can keep your material for the long term in the standard cool environment. Cold rooms are generally used in the food and pharmaceutical industry for keeping perishable goods and vaccines. Cool environment saves your goods from the development of micro-organism which generally develops at room temperature.

Yatherm Scientific manufactures, Install and supply various types of Cold rooms like Industrial cold room, Containerized Cold room & Solar Power Cold room.  Yatherm Cold Rooms made with 5-10 inches PUF Insulated Panels at state-of-the-art facilities and Refrigeration Units at the client site. Our Cold rooms are designed according to the WHO/FDA standards for food and pharmaceuticals. Yatherm Cold Rooms are equipped with 7 inches HMI & controlled by Delta PLC for fully automatic operation.

We Serve industries for cold room
  • Horticulture
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Seafood
  • Meat Exporters
  • Dairy
  • Medicare
  • Food industry

Technical Specification

Standard room temperature (2 to 4 degree C)

ModelCapacity Btu/hPower Consumption KWPower Supply V / FSuitable for Room
size Cu.ft.
YCR -1.0118002.0220/50hz1000
YCR -1.5185002.5220/50hz1500
YCR -2.0220003.0400/50hz2000
YCR -2.5258003.4400/50hz2500
YCR -3.0368004.5400/50hz3050


Minus room temperature (-4 to -20 degrees C)

ModelCapacity Btu/hPower Consumption KWPower Supply V / FSuitable for Room
size Cu.ft.
YCRF -1.085003.5220/50hz510
YCRF -1.5100004.0400/50hz850
YCRF -2.0143005.0400/50hz1000
YCRF -2.5200007.0400/50hz1500


Industrial cold room

Yatherm Scientific design, installs, demonstrates, repair and training the user for easy operation of the Cold Room. Our Cold Rooms are insulated with PUF panels from 100 mm to 120 mm to avoid any kind of temperature loss.

Yatherm manufactures the outer and inner body of the Cold Room in SS 304, SS 316 L, Galvanized Steel, and even in Aluminium, Aluminium is according to the standards of FDA/WHO for the food industry.




Yatherm Scientific Cold Rooms are widely used in biological industry, military, food, aquatic products, flowers, animal husbandry, medicine (especially vaccines), logistics(containerized), hotels, restaurants, food processing, and other industrial preservation and refrigeration area.


  • Cost-Effective
  • High Quality Compressor CFC/HCFC free
  • Low Noise, less than 65 Decibels
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliance
  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • HMI interface
  • Accurate temperature
  • Computer Connectivity
  • Easily operation from Mobile
  • Simple Installation Easy maintenance
  • Rationale structure and even air-out
  • Internal Thread heat exchange
  • All cold rooms are equipped with waterproof lighting and Cold Room doors have a safe unlock control
  • For remote users, they can install cold rooms themselves only with our assembly steps drawings and power supply on-site.
  • Suitable for refrigerating the following products: fruits, vegetables, food, meat, fish, milk, alcohol, flowers, drugs, tea, seeds and so on.

Product Details:

BrandYatherm Scientific
Dimension8 ft x 8 ft x 8 ft
Power sourceElectric
Sheet Thickness0.5 to 0.6 mm
Temperature+15dig C to -40dig C


Automation GradeFully Automatic
Capacity5 Mt
Dimension(L*W*H)10 x 10 x 10 Ft
Temperature (Celsius)-18 to -22 Deg C
ApplicationIce cream
Door Dimension34 x 78 inch
No of doors1 No
Panel Density40
Panel Thickness125mm
FeaturesLow maintenance Low power consumption.

Yatherm cold storage is divided into four categories: fresh cold storage, refrigeration cold storage, frozen cold storage and non-standard cold storage.

TypeInside temperatureApplications
Fresh cold storage+2℃~+25℃Fresh vegetables, flowers, dairy products, alcohol, chocolate, fresh eggs, fresh meat, medicine, tea, and seed.
Refrigeration cold storage-20℃~-10℃Frozen fish, frozen meat, frozen poultry, frozen eggs and so on.
Frozen cold storage-40℃~-25℃Fresh fish, fresh meat, rice products, ice cream, blood products, chemical raw materials, and other low-temperature storage materials.
Non-standard cold storage-80℃~-30℃Electronic metallurgy, biopharmaceutical, chemical, automotive building materials, aerospace, and other industrial refrigeration, all kinds of ultra-low temperature cold test.
Containerized cold room – 

Yatherm Scientific manufactures and offers 20 & 40 ft containers cold room worldwide with ready-made and custom made designs.  India is a developing nation whose economy depends on meat export. We supply a containerized cold room for shipping of meats which takes 90 days’ time in reaching the destination. We offer advanced fully automatic cold rooms at a reasonable price in INDIA with great after-sales support.


Yatherm Containerized Cold Room advantages:

1- Custom made & Standard
2- Pre-installation of the cold room and machine unit before leaving our factory
3- Fast delivery
4- High-Quality insulation


Yatherm Scientific has a wide variety of Cold Rooms for containers so contact us for custom made and Standard Cold rooms. We follow all standard procedure in making a cold room with high precision and accuracy.  We also provide validation ports for all machines so that temperature accuracy must be there in Room.


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