VDRL shaker is laboratory equipment for hospitals used for gentle shaking, mixing & blending. Yatherm Shaker is designed with a heavy-duty motor that performs uniform speed. This type of shaker is universally used for syphilis tests & ideal for serological. Yatherm has two models of vortex mixer; one is with Manual operation and the second one is with the Digital Display of RPM. Our VDRL shakers are rugged in construction with the long-life operation. VDRL shakers have fixed speed and variable speed options with the holding of Slides, Beakers, and Flasks & Bottles. VDRL stands for The venereal disease research laboratory test and this test is a blood test. This blood test is done for testing Syphilis bacteria which is very sensitive to the human body.


• Uniform Speed
• Rugged Construction
• Easy to Use
• Heavy-Duty Motor
• Digital Display
• Matt Non-slip Platform
• Gentle & Smooth Mixing
• High-Quality Clamp & Spring

VDRL shakes are designed for various applications in the laboratory for rotating plane linear shaking motion. Most of the reputed organizations, Laboratory & Hospitals are using this VDRL shaker for their testing and operations. You demand and we manufacture shakers for your application. Yatherm is the leading manufacturer of VDRL shakers in India. Our all VDRL shakers are available at the best price in India with onsite support. Our products are warranted for one year and we supply spare parts up to ten years after one year warranty.

Model YSVS 2 YSVS 2S
Platform size 350 x 350 mm 350 x 350 mm
Speed Range 50 to 220 RPM 50 to 360 RPM
Can Accommodate VDRL Plates, Small Flasks, Bottles & Beakers
RPM Accuracy +/- 5 RPM
Power 220 / 230 volts
Optional Accessories Automatic Timer
Digital RPM Meter with proximity sensor
Spare platform with rubber discs
Automatic restart at preset speed in case of power failure


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