Tablet Disintegration Tester

USP/IP Compliance Tablet Disintegration tester

Disintegration tester is an instrument used to perform the disintegration test of tablets and capsules in the pharmaceutical industry as per USP/IP standards. The main purpose of this test is to check the complete disintegration of a tablet and capsule in a standard time period. If a tablet takes too much time in disintegration than it is considered as highly compressed and gelatin is not as per the standards for capsules. This test is done randomly for the batches manufactured and adequate action takes place accordingly.


Yatherm Tablet Disintegration testers are designed as per USP/IP standards used for accurate test results of tablets and capsule disintegration. We offer and supply smart disintegration tester with maximum efficiency and consistent results for pharmaceutical R&D department & quality assurance.


The instrument consists of two beakers capacity 1000 ml each with 6 mm thick acrylic water bath capacity 5-10 liters & ISI mark SS heater for uniform temperature in a water bath. This unit provided with two basket assemblies with separate timers and motors. The temperature of vessels and water baths is maintained with the help of the PID controller at 37°C, & the speed of the basket is maintained as per standards. This instrument can test two tablets pack simultaneously with a soft touch key panel for smooth functioning. More than 200 samples of data can be stored for 20 tests with an optional port for printing facility.




  • USP/IP Compliance
  • Microprocessor-based temperature Controller
  • Seven segments LED display
  • 10 Soft-touch membrane type keys
  • User-friendly
  • Two USP baskets
  • Each basket is controlled by independent Timer and Motor
  • Auto parking of the basket at the top position at the end of the  test
  • Temperature validation Sensor
  • Printer facility
  • Maintenance-free smooth drive
  • Suitable for veterinary tablets




ModelTAB – 901
Number of Baskets2
Stroke Length55 mm ± 0.5 strokes / minute
No. of Timers2 Timers
Timer Display5 Digit LED Display for each Timer
No. of Motors2
Temperature DisplayPID Controlled Digital display
Temperature Range20.0°C to 40°C
Temp. ControlMicroprocessor-based using PT 100/ semiconductor sensor as per IP/USP
Accuracy+ 0.1 °C
Reaction Vessel1000 cc
Heater500 watt
Electrical Supply220 V
DIMENSIONS (W x H x D)35 cm x 21 cm x 33 cm


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