Dental Autoclave

Class B Dental Autoclave with the inbuilt program for Helix test/ B&D test/ Vacuum Test

An effective and reliable autoclave is a must-have machine of every dental clinic. This machine helps the dentist, support staff, or a dental hygienist to conduct a smooth operation. Also known as a steam sterilizer, the dental autoclave is primarily meant for harnessing the power of high-pressure steam and high temperature with a purpose to get all the germs sterilized accumulated on dental equipment, including forceps to make them reusable for the next patient.


Yatherm class B dental sterilizers are designed with keeping all the strict international standards for safety and sterilization in mind. Our high quality and affordably-priced tabletop autoclaves are trusted by small private practices and dental clinics all over India. The proper implementation of these automatic sterilizers ensures dentists to get an economic solution for sterilizing small as well as specialized loads. Our latest collection of automatic autoclaves makes sterilization of your dental instruments easy.


The dental autoclave machine uses steam at temperatures of 270° F in order to get the job of sterilizing equipment and instruments done completely. Experts consider this steam sterilization of different dental equipment and surgical tools safe and pretty efficient.


Make sterilization of your instruments easy with our new and refurbish automatic autoclaves. Our automatic sterilizer instrument comes with an automatic infection control feature, so, as a result, sterilizers lock automatically while in the active mode and unlock when the equipments are found to be dry and sterile. The sterilization process of an autoclave cycle continues for approximately 6 to 30 minutes depending on what is being sterilized in the machine.


Some dental sterilizers opt for dry heat and eradicate moisture right from the process irrespective of the fact that sterilization is done through the steam in most of the dental instruments. Choosing our high features enabled dental autoclaves and sterilizers to ensure you obtain a hassle-free dental practice.


Salient Features of Medical Sterilizer:
  • Our medical autoclaves come with a feature of pre-programmed cycles that will definitely help to improve convenience and flexibility.
  • It is also attached with easy-to-use programmable controls through which you can easily change vent, dry time, temperature and exposure time, and store your changes if required.
  • The dental autoclave also features an attractive and intuitive display along with simple prompts for easy operation
  • A patented and automatic-open door drying unit is tailored to help individuals enjoy a faster and more effective drying of instruments.
  • The dentist or a dental staff is assured of obtaining appropriate steam penetration with a steam-flush pressure pulse air removal system attached to it.
  • It also comes with an LCD display through which an operator is alerted every time if the closing of the door is not done properly or the water level of the reservoir is getting low.
  • Draining and filling becomes a very easy affair when the reservoir fills port and drain tube available right in front of the instrument.



Technical Specification


Dental 14

Dental 18

Dental 22


14 Liters

18 Liters

22 Liters

Inner Chamber Dimensions

225 ( Dia.) x 325 (Depth) mm

255 ( Dia.) x 325 Depth) mm

255 ( Dia.) x 432 (Depth) mm

External Dimensions (W x H x D)

470 X 400 X 525 mm

470 X 400 X 585 mm

470 X 400 X 640 mm





Tray size

200 x 300 mm

215 x 280 mm

215 x 405 mm

MOC of Tray

SUS 304

SUS 304

SUS 304

Power consumption


1.4 KW

2 KW

Gross Weight

35 kg

35 kg

40 kg

Real-Time Printer

Dot Matrix Printer


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