Manual, Semi-Automatic & High-Speed Fully Automatic Polarimeters

Yatherm Scientific manufactures and supplies customized and standard exclusive line of Manual, Semi-Automatic & High-Speed Automatic Polarimeter, This instrument is designed for measuring the optical rotation of substances. Through measuring the optical rotation, the concentration, content, and purity of the substance can be determined. The instrument is widely used in sugar refining, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, food, chemical and a lot of industrial sectors and related institutions of colleges and research institutes.

Manual Polarimeter


It is Easy-to-use Manual Polarimeter, the measuring range is from -180 to +180 degrees. Yatherm Scientific instrument is suitable for measuring the optical rotation of optically active substances with Accuracy: 0.05 degrees.


The instrument is equipped with a 589nm sodium lamp. Switch on the power, the polarized light beam immediately radiates to a polarizer filter. You can observe distinct visual fields through the eyepiece. Put the sample tube into the measuring field chamber, rotate the vernier knob and find an equal brightness. Reading and recording the measured value from scale disc, testing is completed.

  • Research and development
  • Colleges and Universities
  • The chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Food and sugar industry
ModelPOLMAN 180
Measuring Range-180°~180°
Scale Value
Light SourceSodium Lamp
Test Tube50/100/200mm
Power Requirements220V/50Hz

Optional Accessories

100mm Polarimeter Tube
200mm Polarimeter Tube
Sodium Lamp
Semi-Automatic Polarimeter


  • 5 inches touch screen.
  • Four measurement modes.
  • LED light source
  • Inbuilt temperature sensor for the sample.
  • Auto-zero features
  • Selectable tube lengths (100 and 200mm).
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Up to 3 points Calibration
  • An automatic message display helps the user quickly begin using the instrument.
  • Storage for 100 readings.
  • Built-in real-time clock stamps stored data to meet GMP standards.
  • USB communication interface.
  • Real-time working manual.
  • Reset feature for factory default options. 
Technical Specifications:
ModelPOL- SA 200
Measurement ModesOptical Rotation, Specific Rotation, ConcentrationInternational Sugar Scale
Measuring Range+/-90°, +/-130°Z
Accuracy+/-0.02°, +/-0.05°Z
Calibration Points1-3 points
Light SourceLED, interference filter
Temperature Range0-100℃
Temperature Accuracy+/-0.5℃
Test Tube100 or 200mm
MemoryStores up to 100data sets
OutputUSB communication interface
Display5.6-inch touch screen
PowerAC 220V/50Hz
Dimensions & Size550x300x220mm, 7.5kg

High-Speed Automatic Polarimeter
Model No. POL – 568 ,  POL – 533,  POL – 532,  POL – 531



 Yatherm Scientific instrument applies to the unique and state-of-art control technology, equipped with a quality prism used for all our customers. These are the top models that come with GMP compliance, fulfill WHO Norms required to use in pharmaceutical and food industries.

These Yatherm instruments not only enhance the response speed only, but also the instrument’s measurement time, and minimum transmittance when the polarimeter used for testing samples.

High speed, efficiency and accuracy features, which makes the instrument a quality product in comparison to the traditional polarimeter. Yatherm Polarimeter can customize up to 300 commonly used measurement methods that are pre-stored in the system. This Instrument can easily access to the internet with the help of IT professionals.

Specifications High-Speed Automatic Polarimeter:
Parameters/ModelPOL – 568POL  –  533POL – 532POL – 531
Measurement modeOptical rotation, specific rotation, sugar degree and concentration(Custom)
Frequently used methods3003003030
Light sourceLight-emitting diode(LED)(up to 20,000 hours) + precision interference filters
Working wavelength589.44nm(Sodium D Spectrum)
Measurement range±90°(Rotation)  ±259°Z(Sugar)
Minimum reading0.0001°0.001°0.001°0.001°
Min. transmission of samples able to be measured0.01%0.1%0.1%0.1%
Response speed8°/S
Measurement time6 times/26s
Sample temperature controlYesNo
Control modePeltier(Built-in)No
Control range10-50℃No
Control accuracy±0.2℃No
Operation systemWINDOWSNoNo
Display8-inch color dot matrix touch LCD
Calibration methodMulti-point automatic calibration
Data storage16G Database10000 sets5000 sets
GMP RegulationsQualified
Output communication interfaceUSB/Keyboard/Mouse/Universal Printer/VGA/Ethernet/Optical wireless card for wireless internet accessUSB/Printer/Ethernet
Test tubes200mm 100mm(regular)    100mm(temp control)
Optional tubes50mm(regular)     200mm(temp control)50mm(regular)
Dimensions860mm  510mm  470mm

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