The biomedical waste incinerator is designed for medical hospitals, Girls colleges, Universities & laboratories. Yatherm Incinerators are electrical incinerator works on the principle of controlled electrical heating. We are manufacturing electrical incinerator for municipal waste disposal by burning at a set temperature. Municipal waste produces lots of smog when it burns at a certain temperature, we have to fix 30 meters chimney with our electrical incinerator as per CPCB Norms. The central pollution control board advises each user of the incinerator for fixing up 100 fee chimney from the ground. Biomedical waste incinerators & napkin incinerators are electrical incinerators suitable for apartments, offices & Small hospitals.


  • Biomedical Waste disposal
  • Biohazard Waste disposal
  • Chemical waste disposal
  • Medical Waste Incinerator
  • Caracas incineration
  • Apartment & Office Waste
  • Military waste disposal
  • Pharmaceutical Waste
  • Marine Incinerators
  • Incinerator for paper wastage
  • Poultry waste incinerator


Our incinerators are designed in such a way in small power consumption a high rate of combustion produced.  We have a wide range of electrical incinerator starts from 2 kg per hour to 200 kg per hour. Yatherm Incinerators are equipped with the dual chamber, dual on/off switches, dual PID controller, dual fan, An SS tray, 5 ft chimney & lockable castor wheels. This type of compact and low consumption incinerator is very much suitable for girl’s hostel and girls colleges for napkin incineration. Our incinerator complies all international & National standards with pollution controlling guidelines like the height of the chimney must be at the height of 30 meters from the ground. Our innovations & quality make us popular among the users of the machine.


  • Electric operation
  • CE certified
  • 99 % combustion
  • Fast heating
  • Suitable for Caracas burning
  • High quality
  • Dual-chamber
  • Dual controlling unit
  • Rapid cool down
  • ISO certified


Temperature RangeUp to 1150°C or as required
Burning Capacity2 to 200 Kg/hr.
Feed CapacityUp to 200 Kg
Burning Efficiency98%
PowerElectric burning
Body constructionGI powder coated
Size4 liters to 150 liters
Safety AlarmAudio & visual alarm
Emergency ventYes
Ash collection trayYes
Air Pollution Control DeviceNO
CertificationsCE and ISO

The dual-chamber incinerator is designed for the complete combustion of solid biomedical waste. The primary chamber is situated in the bottom where the secondary chamber is directly connected with the primary chamber at the top of the chamber. The primary chamber is designed for the combustion of waste where the secondary chamber used to burn the smoke and ash content of the waste. Both the chamber together provides complete combustion of the waste. After the combustion of waste, there should be a transfer of smoke from the primary chamber to a secondary chamber within 2 seconds for complete combustion. Yatherm offers compact and ready to use incinerators at the best price in India. For any kind of techno-commercial discussion drop us a mail 24 x 7.


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