Lithium Ion Battery Glove Box

Single & Double Chamber Glove Box for Li-ion battery Manufacturing

We are the leading Indian manufacturer of Lithium-ion battery glove box. This type of glove box is required in the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries. We have expertise in designing a glove box which provides a moisture free environment. These glove boxes save the lithium-ion battery from oxidation while manufacturing under inert atmosphere by purging nitrogen or argon gasses.  We offer a quality product at a reasonable price in India.

Yatherm Glove box is very much suitable for the research of lithium-ion batteries for the manufacturer of batteries. Our Glove box is equipped with the following items.

  • 10 mm Thick Tempered Glass
  • PLC with HMI
  • Fluorescent lamp
  • Large Antechamber (optional)
  • Small antechamber
  • Sliding trays
  • Gas Purification System
  • Circulation blower
  • Solvent Absorber System
  • Oxygen analyzer
  • Moisture analyzer
  • Sliding trays inside antechambers
  • SS 304 piping
  • Pedal on/off for Vacuuming
  • High-Quality Solenoid valve

PLC with HMI gives fully automatic working to the Glovebox by just feeding the correct parameters. Our unit has interior Stainless Steel construction and outer units can be MS powder coated or SS 304. Gas Purification system provides Catalyst and molecular sieves for O2 and H2O removals.  Leakage rate is <0.001 vol % /h and impurity levels are <1 ppm H2O & <1 ppm O2. Lithium-Ion battery needs a standard temperature, pressure, and Humidity for manufacturing. The battery can be mad under moisture level < 11 ppm and we provide a better environment to the manufacturers.


Outer dimensions 1945 x  800 x 1810 mm ( W x D x H )


Working Chamber Dimension 1225 x 765 x 900 mm ( W x D x H )
Material SS 304 with a thickness of 3 mm
Window panel Tempered glass view , 10 mm thickness

Front Door can be opened for the transfer of material.

Lighting system Inbuilt  fluorescent light
Spare connector KF 40 high-pressure Connector
Internal storage Adjustable shelves made up of SS 304

Large antechamber

Location Right / Left Side  of the main Chamber
Dimensions Diameter 385 × 600 depth mm
Material  SS 304
Transfer Transfer sliding trolley SS 304
Model of Operation Manual and automatic operation

Small antechamber

Location Right / Left Side  of the main Chamber
Dimensions Diameter 150 x 300 depth in mm
Material  SS 304


Stand MS powder coated  with castor lockable wheels

Gas Purification System

Gas purification High-Quality sieves for oxygen and  moisture removal
Circulation blower Circulation Pump With adjustable Speed
Solvent Absorber system Activated carbon used
HEPA filters Saves from particulate contamination

Control System

Features Fully Automatic Controller PLC operated with 7 inches HMI


Leakage Rate <0.001vol%/h
Impurity levels <1 ppm H 2 O
<1 ppm O 2

Option Accessories

Vacuum pump Oil-Free rotary vane Pump.
Oxygen analyzer Range 0 ~ 1000 ppm, with an accuracy of 0.1 ppm.
Moisture analyzer 0 ~ 1000 ppm, with an accuracy of 0.1 ppm.
Refrigerator There is a port connected with the chamber, it requires -40-degree laboratory deep freezer.
Vacuum oven PID controlled vacuum oven operated at 250 degree Celsius.
Reaction kettle 20 liters, SS 304 construction.

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