DO Meter

Handheld DO Meter & Bench Top DO meter for Water Quality testing


Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is the term used for the measurement of the amount of oxygen present in a unit volume of water. Although Dissolved oxygen is usually displayed as %, mg/L or ppm, DO sensors do not measure the actual amount of oxygen in water, but instead measure the partial pressure of oxygen in water, which is dependent on both salinity, pressure & temperature.

The amount of Dissolved Oxygen that can be present in a given volume of water is primarily a function of three factors present in the water.

  1. The atmospheric pressure at the water-air interface
  2. The temperature of the water
  3. The amount of other dissolved substances (ex. Salts, sugars, or gasses)

Yatherm has a wide range of handheld & bench top models of dissolved oxygen meter. Yatherm Scientific is a leading manufacturer of Dissolved oxygen meters and its different kinds of probes since 2005 & we offer the best price in INDIA for all meters. The new type of waterproof water treatment instrument satisfies the demand of most users with a high rate between price & performance.  It is suitable for the fields of monitoring under the rugged environment & underwater works.

Yatherm offers two types of sensors one is galvanic sensors & other is Polarographic sensors.


  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Handheld & lightweight design
  • Large LCD
  • ATC
  • 2 points Calibration


  • Aquaculture
  • Water treatment
  • Environment Monitoring
  • River regulation
  • Swimming Pool
  • Aquarium
Mode Saturation % Oxygen (mg/L) Temperature
Range 0 to 199.9 0 – 19.99 0.0 -50.0 ℃
Resolution 0.1 0.01 0.1℃
Accuracy +/- 1.5% full range +/- 1.5% full range +/- 0.5℃
Responding time 1 min 1 min 1 min
Calibration 2 points at most
Temperature Compensation Auto (ATC), 0-50℃
Operating Temperature 0-50℃
Battery 2 x AA
Probe Plastic Electrode

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