Freeze Dryer

Industrial and laboratory Freeze Dryer (Lyophilizer)



Freeze-drying is a process of removal of water content from the samples by freezing and vacuuming the samples at standard set temperature & vacuum.  Lyophilization process includes two stages of drying in its complete set of working. First is known as primary drying and the second one is secondary drying.


Sublimation (primary drying) – Sublimation is a process of transition from solid samples to the gaseous evaporation. Freeze the solids, semi-solid & liquid samples first at -40 degrees or -80 degrees Celsius. Vacuuming at 760 mm Hg will evaporate the freeze samples moisture by a vacuum drying process.


Desorption (Secondary drying) – Secondary drying will release the water content from the top of the surface with the help of a vacuum pump. Desorption is the phenomenon of the release of substance through a surface which is the most important part of freeze-drying.


The water content in the product first freeze into ice form and then convert into vapor takes the time of 6 hours to 72 hours. This time duration depends on the sample freezing point and time taken into vacuum drying.  This process of lyophilization is used to preserve the samples for a long time and When it returns to its original state it doesn’t lose its biochemical properties. Lyophilization is a standard procedure followed by pharmaceutical companies for biological products that are sensitive to body fluids, hormones, blood products, vaccines & antibiotics.



                                                                   Freezer Dryer Diagram




You Demand and We design
  • Food Laboratory – Coffee, eggs, Fish, Fruit, and Juices
  • Pharmaceutical Industry — Medicines
  • Biotechnology
  • Dairy Industry – Milk & Curd
  • Sugar Cane Industry
  • Pet Food
  • Taxidermy
  • Florals
  • Documents Recovery –  Like Titanic ship Sink Documents Preservation
  • Research
  • Echinacea, Mussels, Shark Cartilage.
  • Cheese Yogurts & Meets



Freeze Dryer for Food & Pharmaceutical Industry

Yatherm freeze dryers come in benchtop design and floor mounted big size design. Our freezer dryer are specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry and the Food industry. Yatherm Lyophilizer is available at best  & reasonable price in India With one year warranty. We have a team of dedicated engineers who gives great after-sales support worldwide. All Lyophilizers are customized for bio-products which are very much sensitive towards body fluids, Saline, enzymes, Blood products & hormones.


Our Standard models are available in 2, 3 & 5Kg of ice capacity. We have a wide range of products that starts from 2 liters to 50 liters capacities. We test all the machines inside our factory before dispatching the goods to the end-user. FAT is known as a factory acceptance test that is very much important for vacuuming equipment. Cooling equipment undergoes the testing of 15-20 days for the proper function at the user’s site.


Yatherm all models have a facility of cooling up to -40°C and we can upgrade it up to -110°C as per user’s specifications. We enrich our equipment with quality optional accessories like HMI with PLC for better user understanding. We deliver quality which makes us very popular among the users worldwide. We always provide complete documentation to pharmaceuticals and food industry with traceability certificates




User-friendlyValidation Ports
Digital PID controllerPrecise vacuum control
Corrosion-resistant constructionThe audiovisual alarm on the Display panel
CFC/HCFC free refrigeration,Plug-In use device
Primary & secondary dryingSingle/Dual stages cooling
2 to 50 Liters ice capacities-40°C or -110°C temperature



Specifications Matrix:

ModelYS – FD 3YS – FD 5YS – FD 10YS – FD 20YS – FD 30
Max. ice capacity3 L5 L10 L20 L30 L
Ice condenser performance2 L / 24 Hr3.5 L / 24 Hr6.5 L / 24 Hr14 L / 24 Hr20 L / 24 Hr
Cold trap temperature-40°C or below
Temperature SensorPT-100
ControlsFully automatic with temperature and vacuuming
ControllerPLC with HMI
Refrigeration SystemHCFC / CFC Free
Compressor1/3 HP hermetically sealed branded compressors
DefrostHeating defrost system
Pressure ControlFully automatic
Drain connectionIn Bottom behind the cooling unit
MOCExterior – GI powder Coated
Exterior top – SS 304/SS 316
Drying chamber – SS 304/SS316
Cold Trap Chamber – SS 304/SS316
Front Door/Top Cover  – Acrylic
Optional Fast freeze flasks, Fast freeze adaptor, Extra ports manifold
Vacuum pump, RS 232 printer interface, Stainless steel exterior
– IQ/OQ documentation, Chart recorder
Power SupplySingle-phase 220 V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz


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