Ice Machine



Ice is one of the most important parts of our lives which plays many roles in our day to day life. Drinks without ice are like fish without water. It has a long list of usage, so we manufacture what you demand. We manufacture kinds of ice machines like ice cube maker, Ice flakes & Bullet ice maker. These are types of ice machines that are used at different places for different applications. Ice flakes are generally used in Microbiology lab, Chemistry Lab & Pharmaceutical laboratories. Bullet ice maker & Ice cube machines are designed for the hotel industry, Fish Shops & Ice shops. For your ice requirement follow the industry leader Yatherm Scientific.


Yatherm Scientific is the Industry leader of laboratory scientific Equipment’s in India with more than 10000 installations worldwide for ice machines. Our Ice machines provide the best output in terms of hygiene & quality with low consumption of water & electricity. Ice flaking machines work on hard & Soft water as input which freezes the water and cutter cuts the frozen Ice.


Types of Ice Machine

Ice Cube Maker – This is our basic & First model of ice machine; ice cube maker produces ice cubes for drinks without changing the taste. Ice cube maker is the basic need of the hotel industry, Pubs & Restro-Bars.


Ice Flakers – The Ice Flaker machine produces ice in the form of flakes with a small surface area. Ice Flaker machine comes into small capacities with big production capacities required for Industrial purposes. Small size ice flakes machines are demanded by hospitals, hotels, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemistry laboratory & Bars. Where big size production capacity ice flakes are required for Industrial purposes like fish storage companies.


Bullet Ice Maker –  Bullet ice maker is the alternate for the ice flakes and ice cube maker machine. Few of the Hotels & Bars use bullet ice for their drinks for a change only.



  • Fully Automatic machine
  • Safe operation
  • Variable-speed start screw-type compressor.
  • Low Maintenance
  • Air Cooled Refrigeration System
  • Open-ended serpentine coil and evaporative condenser.
  • Guaranteed Long Life Operation
  • Compact in size
  • High Processing Speed
  • Designed As per Standards
  • CE/ISO Certified
  • Corrosion Free SS304 Interior & Exterior
  • CFC/HCFC Free Cooling
  • Sturdy Construction


Working Principle

Cooling Unit comprises of four key parts like the throttle valve, the condenser, the evaporator & the compressor. Our ice flaker works on the principle of cooling unit & ice cutter. The cooling unit converts water into ice and the cutter covert the ice into granules form. Compressors as the name suggest it compresses the low-pressure gas vapor to high-pressure vapor for the condenser. The throttle valve works as a drainage point and provides low-pressure liquid to the system. The evaporator heat converts the low-pressure liquid into ice and the ice cutter covert it into flakes.



Yatherm Ice Machines comes in double-walled construction for 24 hours of ice storage. The inner chamber is made up of Rustproof Stainless Steel 304 grade with a storage tank and drainage point. Outer Body is designed with corrosion-free SS 304 for long life maintenance-free operation. PUF insulation of 90-150 mm is provided for 24 hours storage of ice. Advance & environment-friendly branded compressor with the automatic cooling system.



Product Flake Ice Machine
Ice Flake output 50 to 300 kg/day or more
Temperature -4°C to -9°C
Construction Corrosion-resistant SS304
Insulation PUF
Refrigerant R22A / R 404A
Cooling system Forced air cooling system
Water connection 3 / 4” BSP
Collecting Bin Capacity Up to 50 KG
Operation Fully automatic
Flake ice thickness 1.7 to 27 mm
Noise level 50dBA
Heat emission 2.0 kW
Safety features Overloading protection/water shortage auto-detection
Certification CE marked/ ISO certified
Power Supply 220 Volts, 50/60 Hz

These ice flakers are the most important part of today’s modern era. It is widely used in night clubs, pubs, bars & hotels for drinks purposes. Chemistry lab & Pharmaceutical labs use ice flaker machines for the chemical synthesis process. In pharmaceutical labs, ice flakes are required for sample storage while any lab experiment. For your demand of ice-making machines send your inquiry and call us. Yatherm Scientific is a leading manufacturer of ice-making machines in India. Our ice makers are available at best price in India.


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