Wiley Mill

Grinding Wiley Mill/ Digital Wiley Mill/ Laboratory Wiley Mill


Yatherm Scientific Manufacture and supply standard and customized (in terms of functionality and capacities) an exclusive line of Digital Wiley Mill, design for Laboratory, Industrial and Production Use. This Mill is specially designed for our customer demand in India under make In India drive. We manufacture, supply & export high quality made in India Lab Wiley mill with customization.


Design For the preparation of samples for analysis with minimum loss of moisture or volatile constituents. Recommended for grinding of dry plant samples. Weight distribution and balancing or rotating parts have been adjusted to provide greater stability and quieter performance with reduced vibration. It is suitable for a wider variety of commercial materials. This Unit comes with two stationary steel blades and rotary with steel edge provided in the cast iron chamber.


Wiley mill is fitted on a substantial cast iron base. Fitted with suitable motor supplied with S.S. HOPPER with cover, three delivery sieves, having tops of 20, 40 and 80 mesh respectively with the plastic receiver, brush, L-N Key. A removable Plexi plate permits observation during operation. Suitable to operate on 220 Volts, Single phase, 50 Hz cycles A.C. Supply.

We manufacture Wiley Mill According to your Application
  • Agriculture
  • Botanical Research
  • Bio-fuel
  • Life Science Labs
  • Poultry Farms
  • Tobacco Industry
  • Meat Industry
  • Biological Research Lab
  • Pet Food


Inside Chamber Sizes and motor capacity:
Motor Capacity
Material M.S (Mild Steel) OR S.S (Stainless Steel)
40 x 25 mm 0.25 HP M.S
65 x 25 mm 0.25 HP M.S
75 x 25 mm 0.50 HP M.S
100 x 50 mm 0.50 HP M.S
200 x 75 mm 1.00 HP M.S
40 x 25 mm 0.25 HP S.S
65 x 25 mm 0.25 HP S.S
75 x 25 mm 0.50 HP S.S
100 x 50 mm 0.50 HP S.S
200 x 75 mm 1.00 HP S.S


Our every unit provides highly satisfactory performance and a competitive price guarantee. we offer one year warranty with ten years of spare parts availability for all customers. We are the leading manufacturer & Supplier of all kinds of Wiley mills with the best price available in India.



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