Mashing Bath

Fully Automatic Digital Mashing Bath equipment with 2,4,6,8 & 10 jar

A mashing bath is designed for the process of the mashing of grains at 45°C to 72°C and converting it into sugar from enzymatic reactions. Different enzymes breakdown at different temperatures and require the optimal temperature to breakdown and convert it into sugar. Yatherm Scientific manufactures a Mashing bath for malt and breweries companies for its enzymatic reactions.


Most Importantly Yatherm Mashing bath follows the Hartong and Congress procedure with the availability of jars from 4 to 12. The Bath of the equipment is made up of complete SS 304 with motorized stirrer on top which is regulated by a controller. Yatherm Scientific offers a high-quality Malt Mashing bath with a highly accurate microprocessor-based controller.


Yatherm scientific offers & supply the best price in India for Malt mashing Bath. We have a wide variety of standard models with customized models in terms of the stirrer and outer and inner body construction. Digital timer, HMI, PLC & Chart recorder With USB port or RS 232 options are also available in our all models. We are the leading exporter of the Mashing bath in India. We have many clients in Europe, the USA, Russia, Middle East Asia & African Countries. Yatherm design Machine as per European electrical standard so post your inquiries and get the best price quotation and timely delivery.

  • Laboratory
  • Malthouses
  • Breweries
  • Research
Working principle: 
Congress-Method & Hartong-method
  • HARTONG 20,
  • HARTONG 45,
  • HARTONG 65,
  • HARTONG 80,
  • ASBC,



High performance Durable nature Efficient working
Working chamber/fabricated out of corrosion-resistant/rust free Stainless steel sheet Digital Revolution per minute indicator Incorporated with Solid-state Digital Temperature controller cum Indicator
Provided complete with stirrer and beaker Suitable to operate on 220/230 volts, 50 Hertz, AC supply Optionally available with Programmable version along with Digital Timer
Low-level water cut out User-Friendly RPM display
Beakers 4 6 8 10
Temperature Up to 100 °C
Temperature accuracy ±0.2°C
Thermometer PT 100
Temperature controller PID controlled
Stirrer Heavy-duty motor with SS shafts
Mixer Speed 0,100,200  R.P.M.
Beaker capacity 550 ml
RPM Display LED Display
Stirrer controller Rotary type variable speed controller
Working chamber SS 304
External body PCRC/SS 304
Alarm Audio / visual alarm
Power supply Single Phase 220 V/110 V  – 50/60 Hz (frequency)
Choice of Methods Congress: Mashing by temperature program
Hartong: Mashing at constant temperature (20°, 45°, 65° or 80° C)
Optional Profile controller, Digital timer, RS 232 PC interface, HMI color touch screen controller, Specific jar capacity, USB port

Yatherm Mashing Bath comes with a digital Programmable  Controller and RPM display with a replaceable guarantee of the controller. Our main priority to satisfy our customers after-sales support & service.



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