Microprocessor Friability Tester

USP/IP Compliance Friabilator/ Friability Test Apparatus




Yatherm offers microprocessor-based Friability Tester for identifying the characteristics of a tablet breakdown under mechanical stress. This instrument comes with advanced technology for accurate results and displays with 4 lines alphanumeric LCD display & 16 number of soft-touch keys for long life. Yatherm offers a single drum and double drum Friabilator with a different speed range from 10 to 65 RPM.


In the test of friability we first take the weight of the tablet with the help of weighing machine and then tumbled it into the double drum Friabilator at certain RPM for a standard time and after end of the cycle weight of the tablet taken again to check the difference in the weight during the mechanical stress while manufacturing of the tablet.


Ideal Condition for weight difference is 1% for the tablet and has a diameter of less than 13 mm.


Yatherm Scientific design instruments with connection port of weighing machine for direct input of weight in the microprocessor-based controller to avoid any human error. This instrument data must be recorded in real-time printing with time, date and results as per USP/IP standard. These test results are very much necessary for FDA approval from the US government department.


  • Double drum model
  • User-friendly
  • USP, BP, IP compliance
  • Weight balance port
  • Printer Port with RS 232
  • Self-validation Program
  • Front-loading system
  • Validation documents IQ/OQ/PQ
  • Automatic pre-count stop
  • Password protection
  • Power failure protection

ModelFRIAB  902
Test MethodsTime and Count Mode
Speed of DrumsUp to 60 RPM
No. of Drums2
Display20×4 Alphanumeric LCD
KeyboardSoft-touch membrane keys
Counter1 to 9999 rotations
Timer1 sec to 9 hrs 59 min 59 sec
Type of DriveDirect Drive with Stepper Motor
Printer RS 232 printer with Serial interface
Electrical SupplySingle-phase 220 v
Dimensions (W x H x D)330 mm x 333 mm x 338 mm
Weight15 Kg


We are having expertise in making customize equipment for the last 25 years so we can provide you ready-made and customized equipment as per your specification. Yatherm Scientific offers high-quality products & best prices for the world market. All our pharmaceutical Instruments comes with one year’s warranty  & five years of spare parts availability.



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