Shaking Water Bath

Water Bath Shaker/Shaking water bath 9 flasks, 12 flasks & 21 Flask



The water bath shaker is a new and advanced model of water bath designed by Yatherm Scientific. We have a wide range of water bath & it includes a water bath shaker in our product line. Our water bath starts from 10 liters tank volume with a customized size up to 100 liters capacity. Water bath designed with rustproof stainless steel construction and outer body made up of GI powder coated. Flask Holders and Shaker has a stainless steel 304-grade construction. Our Water bath provides silent shaking without a noise with an accurate RPM display. We use DC drive in all shaking equipment for better control and accuracy in shaking.


We design what you demand (Application)
  • Diffusion
  • Hospital laboratories
  • Dental Labs
  • Extraction
  • Tissue Culture lab
  • Bacterial Culture
  • Hybridization
  • Denaturing
  • Defense research


Yatherm Scientific is a leading manufacturer supplier and distributor of water baths in India. We design a standard water bath with the customized requirement of customers. We are known for quality products, timely delivery with great after-sales support. Our all equipments come with a year’s warranty and ten years of spares parts availability. Yatherm water Bath shakers are available at a reasonable price in India with a one-year onsite warranty.


  • Capacity 10 liters to 100 liters
  • Silent shaking without noise
  • Adjustable flask holders
  • Precise speed control
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • SS 304 chamber
  • PID controller with SV/PV
  • Optional Shakers available


Yatherm water bath is fully automatic designed with a Digital display of temperature and RPM. Water Bath temperature is controlled by a microprocessor-based auto-tuned PID controller with an LCD display. Yatherm water bath designed in double-walled construction with thick mineral wool insulation. We provide a GABLE cover with a water bath shaker because of its design and working. The water bath chamber has a minimum of ten liters of capacity mounted with a platform of rotary shaker. Yatherm water bath equipped with ISI mark U type water heater for accuracy of temperature and high heating rate.


Control Panel
  • PID controller
  • Load Indicator
  • Main Indicator
  • RPM digital display
  • RPM speed controller
  • On/off Switch


Model Whirl -9 S Whirl -12 S Whirl- 16 S Whirl – 24 S
Capacity 9 Flasks 12 Flasks 16  Flasks 24  Flasks
Type Shaking
Shaking Speed 1 to 150 RPM Adjustable 25 to 180 RPM Adjustable
Temperature Range Room temperature +5°C to 99.95°C
Temperature Stability + / – 0.5°C
External Construction GI Powder Coated / 304 SS Optional
Internal Construction 304 / 316 Stainless Steel Cubic Shape
Temp. Controller PID Microprocessor based with SV/PV
Temperature Setting Waterproof Soft Push Button
Insulation Mineral Wool
Low-Level Cut-off Yes / SS 304 float valve type Cut off
Display Backlit LCD / LED
Alarm Audio / Visual Alarm
Racks SS test Tube Rack
Optional accessories Gable-type cover, Test tube rack and Universal platform
Power Supply 110 / 220 Volts


Yatherm Water Baths are one of the advanced standard laboratory equipment designed by following all international standards and Parameters. Each Unit consists of all ISO/ISI/CE & GMP certified parts like heaters controllers and steel.  We never compromise with our quality of the product because we are known for quality. Our every unit undergoes the FAT (factory acceptance test) with in house validation of the equipment. For any Kind of techno-commercial discussion contact us 24 x 7.



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