Leaf Area Meter


Leaf area meter scans the length and breadth of leaves from small size to big size leaves. Yatherm Leaf area meters come with a thread that helps in measuring the length of leaves. This handheld instrument is specially designed for field observation and laboratory use. Our Instrument comes with a digital display that shows the fastest readings of length, breadth, an area with the help of pushbuttons. Yatherm all models are accurate, long life and work on a nondestructive method of measuring area & leaves disease.


  • Botanical studies
  • Environmental testing
  • Carbon cycle study
  • Entomology
  • Agronomy
  • Plant pathology
  • Ecology


Yatherm Portable living leaf area meter can test the open door leaves area without damaging to leaves. Leaf area meter tests any kind of data such as leaf area, average area, length of leaf, the width of leaf, the thickness of leaf, perimeter, and the ratio of length to width.

Testing Units – Millimeter & Square millimeter

Yatherm leaf area meter has a RS 232 computer interface with internal data storage capacity & Pc software. This is a small handy meter to take leaf area while leaves are attached with the plant and store the data of length, breadth, and area respectively. This instrument has a hard plastic carrying case, Software USB, data transfer wire & user manual. Yatherm offers both models of leaf area at a reasonable price in India.


Easy to use Suitable for all species of plants
Data storage with Software High-quality optical lenses
Hard carrying case Nondestructive Method
Suitable for Longleaf Perfect for Field observation


Model YMJ – A
Measured Parameters Length, Width & Area
Scanner Optical Lenses
Scanning speed 500mm / sec
Precision + /- 1%
Display Alpha Numeric 16 characters x 2 lines LCD
Battery 6 volts
Battery capacity 14 – 18 hours of continuous operation
Computer interface Data Transfer Cable with Software

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