Leak Test Apparatus

IP compliance Pharmaceutical Leak Test Apparatus –  Model number 901



Yatherm Leak Test Apparatus designed as per USP/IP specification to test the packaging of tablets pouches and sachet in the pharmaceutical & food industry. This test gives the results which cannot be seen from naked eyes like cracks and hole with imperfect sealing. Yatherm Scientific offers lightweight & durable acrylic desiccators in different sizes which can handle the vacuum easily at the time of test, high-quality vacuum gauge. The compact vacuum pump according to the size of desiccators, Real-time dot matrix printer with soft-touch keypad & Alphanumeric digital display makes our leak tester more advance.


Leak Tester works on the principle of creating a negative pressure in a closed chamber which inflates the sealed pouches due to pressure and leaked pouches don’t inflate. To test the sample we place tablets sachet into the desiccator filled with Methylene blue than vacuum the desiccators for a limited time. The vacuum gauge of the Leak test apparatus is connected to a control valve that isolates the vacuum inside desiccator from the vacuum pump.


Digital timer plays an important role in the testing of tablets in leak tester which explains the capacity of handling pressure of a sealed pouch. Analysis of the test depends on the size and shape of the packet after the release of the vacuum. Yatherm Offers high-quality CE certified instruments with the best prices in INDIA. We give one year warranty for all instruments with ten years’ supply of spare parts for a better relationship with our customers.

Leak Tester Application
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Industry
  • R&D Labs


  • Data Storage Facility
  • Microprocessor-based Controller
  • Programmable Hold Time
  • GMP model
  • Inbuilt Printer
  • Ideal for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Accurate test results

Vacuum Rangeup to 22” of Hg
Vacuum SettingThe vacuum can stabilize for a set value less than 400 mm Hg
± 10 mm Hg within 30 seconds
Desiccator6”, 10” & 12” (Please specify while ordering)
Display4-Digit Seven Segment Bright Red LED
KeyboardSoft-touch keys
Hold Time15 – 9999 Secs
Power230 V ±10% AC, 50 Hz, 10 W
Weight13 Kg. (Approx.)
AccessoriesInbuilt  vacuum pump,
desiccator with connecting tubes
Operation Manual

Yatherm pharmaceutical instruments designed for the world market in Standard models. SS construction is made against the order as Yatherm Scientific supplies ready-made and customized instruments worldwide.

USP compliance Microprocessor-Based Leak Test Apparatus – Model number 1901

  • Designed for Packing Industry
  • Ideal for Leak Testing of Pharmaceutical Industry
  • User Friendly
  • Microprocessor-based Controlling
  • 20 x 4 Line Alphanumeric LCD with Backlit
  • Soft Touch Alphanumeric Mobile Keypad
  • Digital Programmable Vacuum & Hold Time
  • Digital Pressure Units
  • Storage facility for Samples
  • Last Result Storage Automatically
  • Real-time Printing Facility


Yatherm is a leading manufacturer, supplier & Exporter of Leak test Apparatus in INDIA. Our All Pharmaceutical instruments compliances the USP & IP Standards. Yatherm Leak test apparatus is a Solid-state instrument specially designed for leakage testing of tablets & strips in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Leak Tester used to test the quality of packaging processes in sachet, blisters & strips containing granulates & liquid.


Leak test apparatus unit equipped with acrylic transparent desiccator housing of two different dimensions 6inches & 8 inches respectively. The inbuilt vacuum pump makes this instrument most advance and according to the USP standards. Vacuum Pump creates a set vacuum level with auto cut off feature.


Working of Leak tester

Leak test apparatus is very easy to operate the pharmaceutical instruments. Testing Sample placed inside the Acrylic Polycarbonate desiccator housing. Desired vacuum level Set in Vacuum controller and It generates a vacuum inside the chamber for a set period. After releasing Vacuum from desiccator we analyze the shape, size & sealing of the testing sample. We perform this test in the methylene blue solution which helps in penetrating the dye & identify the stains with the same color material.


Vacuum Range150 – 600 mm Hg
Vacuum SettingThe vacuum can stabilize for a set value less than 400 mmHg
± 10 mmHg within 30 seconds
Desiccator6”, 10” (Please Specify while ordering)
Display20 x 4 Line alphanumeric LCD with backlit
KeyboardSoft-touch membrane keys, Alphanumeric mobile keypad.
PrinterAttachment of dot matrix printer with Centronics /parallel interface
Setup’s5 Programmable user setups for quick analysis
Hold Timeup to 999 secs
PowerAC 230 V ± 10%, 50 Hz
Weight13 Kg. (Approx.)
Accessories·         Main Apparatus along with vacuum pump

·         Polycarbonate desiccator along with a connecting tube

·         Instruction Manual


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