Wet Sieve Shaker Yoder

Wet Sieving Machine, Wet Sieve Shaker Yoder Type

Yoder Type Wet Sieve Shaker Machine is specially designed for estimation of soil strength and soil permeability with the help of ASTM Stainless Steel Sieves.

Dry Soil gives less accurate results because of its physical properties when it is tested with water it gives accurate results because of its less water soluble property.  Yatherm is a renowned brand in the field of Sieves and Sieve analyzer for the last 25 years with great after sales support to all our customers. Our Wet Sieving Machine is equipped with a water tank of 20-25 liters with having a holding capacity of 8 sieves including lid and Pan. A high-quality belt driven ¼ hp motor is an integral part of a sieve analyzer that gives smooth functioning to the Equipment. We also supply a manual timer for 0-60 minutes & Digital Imported timer as per user requirement.

Wet Sieve Shaker Machine is used for performing a gradation test of the soil sample in a filled water tank with sieves arranged in descending microns order after weighing the samples. We set the timer for a period of time required in testing, after shaking finished we have to take the weight of samples remaining in each sieve including PAN (receiver). We conclude the test by taking the average of the remaining sample with the sample used for testing. This is the basic test required for construction of buildings, tunnels & well designed by civil engineers.


User-Friendly Designed for Wet sieving
Rugged construction Reliable
Low Maintenance Easy To Drain
Heavy duty belt driven motor Accuracy of mechanical sieving

Wet Sieving Machine Specifications:

Model Yoder – 8Y
Product Wet Sieve Shaker
Construction Mild Steel / Stainless Steel
Test Sieves ASTM standard * inches
Motor ¼  HP
Water reservoir & Holder MS power coated 10-25 liters
Timer 0-60 minutes
Capacity 1-8 sieves as per user requirement
Power Supply 230 / 240 Volts
Certification ISO and CE

Yatherm Scientific is known for quality custom made a product with timely delivery to all our customers worldwide. This is the most reliable product of Yatherm scientific used by American And European Universities for performing soil permeability tests. We supply ASTM standard sieves with 10 years of spare parts availability. Contact us 24 x 7 for your queries related to Wet Sieve Shaker.

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