Air Shower


Decontamination equipment by high-speed air injection is commonly referred to as “air showers.”

Air showers are enclosures specially designed and designed for the removal of particles from people or materials, prior to their access or exit from certain clean areas. They allow the cleaning of the particles that remain deposited in the user’s clothing or materials and are used mainly in the income to clean areas with high classification requirements, such as sterile areas, and exits of areas in containment.

They are cabins that are specially prepared to remove dust particles and polluting products that may be deposited in personnel’s work materials or clothing at the entrance or exit of clean or containment areas.



  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Animal Facilities
  • Gold Producers
  • Cloth Manufacturer
  • Semi-conductor Laboratory
  • defense research Lab
  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Electronics Industry
  • Food Testing Laboratory
Design and Construction

Air Showers are designed for Humans, Animals & Machinery passage into the cleanroom from the external environment. Yatherm Air showers are designed in an entry-exit form with customized tunnel & L shape form. We are always open to readymade and customized Air shower designs for better customer experience. Air shower is equipped with Blower, Nozzle, Magnetic Door locking & PID controller for easy operation. SS 304 inside the chamber makes the air shower low maintenance equipment. PID controller or PLC with HMI makes the Air shower fully automatic with user-friendly operation. We provide Validation documents of PLC, PID controller & Magnehelic gauge on demand. Yatherm scientific reckon for Quality production with timely delivery & satisfactorily after-sales support.  Call Yatherm Scientific Executive for technical clarification and Air shower price.


Air Showers Functioning:

Its principle of operation is the impulsion of jets of ultra-filtered air at high speed (> 35 m / s) on the person or material to be cleaned to produce the separation of the particles deposited on its surface.

Air is propelled by columns of horizontally driven aerodynamic nozzles located along with the four angles of the shower, which makes it possible to cover the entire useful height of the enclosure. The incidence of air jets with tangential effect favors the total detachment of the particles since a frontal incidence would cause the force of the air jet to produce an increase in adhesion of the particles to the surface instead of their separation.

Likewise, a good design and placement of the air returns are essential, which ensures the removal of the particles from the enclosure effectively and immediately to avoid that the detached particles can be deposited again or remain inside the shower and go outside with the door opening. In the showers, the particles are dragged by the crash of high-speed air jets.

In addition, by high filtration of the air before being driven inside the cabin, a very low particle level is achieved. The cabins have an automatic start-up system and interlocks that can be programmed according to the needs of each cabin. Depending on your application, two basic types can be differential air shower for people and an air shower for materials.


Characteristics of Air Showers:

As for their construction characteristics, they are usually made of stainless steel.

They consist of two doors; one for access and one for an exit, with a gasket and electromagnetic interlocking system that prevents its simultaneous opening and while the cleaning cycle is in progress. In case of emergency, they are equipped with an internal and external push-button that cancels the operation and blocking off the doors. The interlocking device of the doors of the air shower prevents the simultaneous opening of both, thus establishing an efficient barrier that prevents the exchange of air between areas of different classification and, therefore, the transfer of particles.

The equipment has a programmable controller, which governs all the operating parameters of the equipment, including the flow of people, the activation time of the fan or the delay in opening the doors. Its operation is produced by a presence detector once the doors are closed. An emergency button is installed inside the cabin to interrupt the air cleaning cycle and unlock the doors if necessary.

Its operation, the duration, and characteristics of the cycle, and even the possibility of differentiating between input and output cycles are fully programmable and adjustable to the user’s requirements through a simple control system, which allows the equipment to operate automatically.

In any case, it is important to highlight that the most convenient to achieve maximum effectiveness is an enclosure for individual use in which the useful space must not exceed 80 – 90 cm.



Air Shower  Technical Specifications:
ModelTunnel – 1Tunnel – 2Tunnel – 3Tunnel – 4Air Shower w/o Bottom Board
External Dimension (mm)1290 x 800 x 20601540 x 1000 x 20501540 x 1200 x 20501540 x 1600 x 20502100 x 2100 x 20502300 x 5200 x 2150
Internal Dimension WxHxD (mm)800 x 760 x 1910800 x 960 x 1910800 x 1150 x 1910500 x 1550 x 1910800 x 1960 x 1910800 x 4960 x 1910
Nozzles6 – One Side12 – Two Sides16 – Two Sides18 – Two Sides24 – Two Sides60 – Two sides
Blow Power550W100W1500W2000W2200W7500W
HEPA Filter Dimension550 x 610 x 120 – One Piece610 x 610 x 120 – Two Pieces915 x 610 x 120 – Two Pieces1220 x 610 x 120 – Two Pieces610 x 610 x 120 – Four Pieces610 x 610 x 120 – Ten Pieces
Suitable Person1 Person w/ one side blowing1 Person w/ two sides blowing1 – 2 Persons w/ two sides blowing2 – 3 Persons w/ two sides blowingCart
Nozzle Diameter 33 – 38MM
Air Shower Time0 ~ 120 seconds Adjustable
Spurt Wind Speed17~26 m/s
Power440V AC, 50 Hz, Three Phase Connection
Filter Efficiency99.99 %
Cleanliness LevelClass 1000/ Class 100/ Class 10/ Class 1
Noise levelLess than 55 db
Shower jet velocityMore than 20±2 meter/second
DoorSteel fabricated with safety glass & electromagnetic locks
ConstructionGI Powder coated / SS 304 / 316 Stainless steel
Standard fittings
  • Fluorescent light
  • Pre-filter (washable)
  • HEPA filter
  • Nozzle (Fixed or Adjustable)
  • Emergency stop buttons (both sides)
  • Blower motor assembly
  • Anti-slip floor
  • Doorbell
  • Door closers
  • Door handles
  • Infrared sensor auto sliding door
  • PLC controller w/ touch screen
  • ULPA filter
  • Validation Documents – DQ / OQ / IQ / PQ
Design Options
  • One way entry
  • Two-way exit type & customized Design
Why Choose Yatherm Air Showers?

The air showers of Yatherm are custom made and can be designed with different dimensions and accessories, as will be its use; Materials, people. These air showers are containment equipment designed with high technology and materials of the highest quality. Consult us without obligation to the technical details of the air shower.


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