Thermal Shock Chamber

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Test chambers are designed for the purpose of testing on men made components. These Men made components undergo the climatic conditions provided by Nature. Thermal Shock chambers are designed to test the thermal shock for the samples to go through the severe shocks of temperature from high-temperature range to low-temperature range. This test helps in identifying the faulty parts & components mainly used in the Electronics Sectors.

When we talk about thermal shock it tells us the difference in temperature at the same point. The thermal shock on an object will affect the object by the meaning of crack and breakage. The thermal shock on an object occurs when a thermal gradient causes damage in different parts in different amounts.

The thermal shock chamber is equipped with an inbuilt SS 304 basket for carrying out moving operations from one part of the chamber to the other part. We place the sample inside the basket and it moves continuously from the heating chamber to the cooling chamber. Movement from one chamber to another chamber depends on the set value of movements and this movement is very rapid (less than 10 seconds).


Construction and Working of Test Chamber

Yatherm test chambers are equipped with PLC for complete operation and programming. PLC is operated with the help of 7 inches touch screen (HMI). PLC has the capacity of storing 100 programs with programmable controlling. Our Thermal Shock chamber can work on automatic and manual operation with the help of PLC. Automatic mode will work on the set programs only where manual programs allow you to set the program according to your requirements. The temperature of the chamber depends on the testing procedure you are going to adopt for your running cycle.

Fully Automatic test chamber with outer GI powder coated construction. We always use Mineral wool insulation or PUF insulation with a thickness of 90-110mm in all test chambers. PLC with HMI has a feature of a three-layer password Protection system including the administrator, user, and technologist. Test chambers are mounted on lockable castor wheels for free mobility inside your premises.

Thermal Shock test chamber helps in collecting the data for the behavior of electronic components when they undergo the environment of the different temperature range. One cycle in the thermal shock chamber can increase the size of the component or large contraction in the size. The sample has to undergo this type of mechanical stress in the Thermal shock chamber as per the inbuilt set program.

You demand and we design for your applications, electronic boards used in aeronautical applications must be very much reliable. Any kind of expansion or contraction could occur in the electronic circuit at the time of thermal shock if the capacity of shock is higher than the resistance of the material. This can lead to the breakage of different components fixed at a different thermal expansion coefficient. The basic use of the Thermal Shock chamber is to identify the potential damage or defect in the testing sample prior to going for final production.

We believe in supplying quality equipment on time with great after-sales support. Kindly post your queries on our mail and you can directly call us any time for any kind of techno-commercial discussion. Our test chambers are available at best price in India with 2 years onsite warranty. We also offer Validation documents IQ/PQ/DQ/OQ with in house calibration report.


Faults occur due to Environmental Stresses
  • Dust 5 to 7%
  • Humidity 16 to 20%
  • Vibration 20 to 25%
  • Temperature 50 to 60%
Technical Specification (Compact models)
Compact Models YTS-30 VTS-85
Capacity 1 cubic ft.30 Liters 3 cubic ft.85 Liters
Working Area 380 mm x 267 mm  x 280 mm15″ width x 10.5″ depth x 11″ height

(38 cm x 26.7 cm x 28 cm)

510 mm x 410 mm x 410 mm20″ wide x 16″ deep x 16″ high

(51 cm x 41 cm x 41 cm)

Exterior Dimensions 864 mm x 1575 mm x 1778 mm34″ wide x 62″ deep x 70″ high

(86.4 cm x 157.5 cm x 177.8 cm)

1020 mm x 1930 mm x 2010 mm40″ wide x 76 ” deep x 79″ high

(102 cm x 193 cm x 201 cm)

Temperature Range Heating Chamber: 50°C to +210°CCold/Hot Chamber: -75°C to +190°C
Maximum Product Load 10 Kg 12 Kg


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