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Environment Test Chambers (ETC) or Humidity Test Chambers or Environmental Chambers are used to stimulating the effects of particular environmental conditions like motion, light, air pressure, and temperature on materials, industrial products, biological items, and electronic devices and components. Identifying various manufacturing flaws and weaknesses and evaluating the product quality and reliability are also taken care of under the supervision of these chambers.

The outcomes obtained from the chamber through the stimulation of the environmental conditions within a contained space highlight the degradation and decay of the product and help users to determine its potential lifespan. Climatic chambers or climate chambers units are designed for extremely cold environments up to -80 °C. Companies also use these chambers to model temperatures as high as +350°C. Simply put, the modeling of any environment – right from the highly frozen to the desert to the rain forest can also be done using an environmental test chamber.

When purchasing the climate chamber it is important to look for features like adequately rapid temperature change rates for your conditions, the appropriate size for your needs, as well as precise and accurate temperature controls. Both conducting the test and conditioning test specimens can be taken care of with the help of a climatic chamber. The conditioning test items can be performed in a smaller unit.

It is easy to set some chambers at a certain set of conditions using the instructions available with the product. While programming to cycle through defined sequences of conditions is done in others.


Choose from an Extensive Variety of Environmental Chambers

We at Yatherm Scientific have a wide collection of environmental chambers for climatic simulation, temperature, humidity or photostability. Our extensive range of test chambers is equipped with innovative technology and quality construction that meet the highest standards. It is our pleasure to offer high-quality Environmental Chambers that are enough to serve a variety of industries.

The range of temperature range of our chambers can go as low as -84°C (-120°F) with high temperatures to +350°C (+662°F), while, users can control the humidity from 10% to 98% RH. Whether you are looking forward to purchasing the small-sized benchtop chambers to test small components or want to set up a full walk-in/drive-in rooms and spaces that are sufficient enough to accommodate a semi-truck and trailer or larger – the availability of chambers in different sizes can help sort out your puzzle in a hassle-free environment.

We proudly offer a complete range of standard and customized climatic chambers tailored to meet specific test applications.

Major Features & Benefits
  • Available in cabinet style and walk-in-type as required
  • Customized type to meet specific test standards
  • Rugged construction for increasing lifespan
  • Efficient testing of temperature & climatic conditions
  • Easy operation and programming
  • Precise temperature with accuracy and reliability
  • Trend graph display
  • Imported PLC based HMI operation
  • Low noise operation
Why Choose Us?

Yatherm Scientific is India’s most trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of environmental test chambers. We can ensure to fulfill all your environmental simulation needs at the most affordable prices when you show your trust in us. It is our endeavor to offer the complete solution to meet your distinct project requirements – whether you look for the custom-designed chambers or a standard range of test equipment.

Our wide array of ETC covers all facets of testing, including Stress Screening, Corrosion, Temperature, Humidity, Vibration, Thermal Shock, Solar/Light, and Altitude/Pressure.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us right away to satisfy your various environmental simulation needs at the best prices!



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