Laboratory Sieve Shaker

Tabletop Motorized & Electromagnetic Laboratory Sieve Shaker with Test sieves

Yatherm Manufactures standard and customized Motorized laboratory sieve shakers machine and Electromagnetic Sieving Shaker equipment for Research applications. These laboratory Sieve Shaker Machines are rugged in construction, provide continuous working & deliver a high level of satisfactory results. Sieve Shakers are extensively used in wide industry areas including coal, pigments, soap, cement, roofing, pharmaceuticals, minor aggregates, etc.

The excellent working performance of Yatherm Sieve Analyzer has been acclaimed and recommended by industry experts worldwide. We offer an Advanced version of laboratory sieve analyzer equipment with the best price in India. “Yatherm” laboratory Sieve Shaker equipment promise durability and user-friendly operation & maintenance. The whole construction is of cast iron and the base is made of painted mild steel. These units can be efficiently used with 3″, 5″, 8, and 12 inches” ASTM standards sieves.

Sieve Shaker can accommodate 8 sieves inclusive of one lid & collecting Pan. In order to achieve excellent and effective sieving action, the Sieving Shaker Machine is equipped with an electric motor drive which comprises of branded ¼ HP motor. We are known for quality sieve shaker machine and sieves in India with a year onsite warranty. Yatherm Scientific offers different models of Sieve shaker from 8 inches to 18 inches diameter base.

Sieve Shaker Working Principle

We have two models of sieve shaker and both the models have different principles of working. Our Economy model is mechanical sieve shaker or motorized sieve shaker has an inbuilt motor, & It works on the principle of electric vibration motion. Our Deluxe Model is designed with inbuilt Two heavy magnets that create electromagnetic vibration with programmed selection mode.  Both models produce different quality outputs according to the working principle.

 Sieve Shaker Sketch Diagram

Yatherm Sieve Shaker Models:
  • YS 8E — Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker with 8 inches diameter base.
  • YS 12E — Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker with 12 inches diameter base.
  • YS 8M — Motorized Sieve Shaker with 8 inches diameter base.
  • YS 8ME — Motorized Sieve Shaker with 8 inches diameter Sieves and Manual Timer
ASTM C136Available Diameter of Sieve Shaker is 4, 8, 12 & 16 inches
Digital Timer/ Analog TimerDy Sieving
Electrically operated and mechanically drivenUser-friendly
Rotation of sieve stage 12 per minuteLid & Pan
Technical Specifications Motorized Sieve Shaker:
Sieving Capacity(10) 8″ sieves (12) 5″ sieves
(16) 3″ full-height sieves and
(18) 8″ half-height sieves.
ConstructionCast Iron, Painted Mild steel
Motor¼ HP
Timer0 – 60 Minutes
Timer TypeDigital / Analogue
StandardASTM C 136
Power Supply220 Volts
CertificationsCE and ISO
Technical Specifications Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker:
Operation ModeIntermittent and continuous shifting motion
Intermittent OperationAt intervals (0.5 sec)
CapacityUp to 8 sieves (test sieve dia from 200 mm x 50 mm)
Shake timeProgrammable shake time from 1 min to 99 min
Display20 x 4 alphanumeric LCD with backlit display
KeypadFully alphanumeric keypad
Power levelProgrammable (from 1 to 20)
NoiseVery low noise operation
Security2 Tier password protection facility (Admin & User)
PrinterRS 232 port for the serial printer using 80 column Dot Matrix or Thermal Printer
Dry SievingStandard (Wet Sieve Optional)
Dimension310 mm x 390 mm x 260 mm (approx.)
Weight19 kg approx. (without sieve)
Power220/230 VAC, 50 Hz, 600 VA



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