Hot Air Oven

Dry Heat sterilizer/Hot Air Oven/Gravity Convection Oven


You demand and we design oven for your application in research, laboratories, Universities, and Hospitals. Hot air ovens are designed for baking, drying & de-pyrogenation in the laboratory, Microbiology, bio-medical, Pharmaceuticals & Textile Industries. These places need a fast heating rate with constant temperature and our oven can attain 300 degrees Celsius temperature within a few minutes of starting the oven.

Dry heating is one of the methods of sterilization and ovens are known as dry heat sterilizers. Dry heat sterilization works at 171 degrees Celsius to 224 degrees Celsius. Sterilization has three methods: one is steam sterilization, the second one is H2O2 sterilization or ethylene oxide sterilization, & third is the last method of sterilization is dry heat sterilization requires high temperature. Dry heat sterilization requires a Hot Air Oven for killing microorganisms at high-temperature ranges from 171 to 224 degrees Celsius.

We are the leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter and distributor of Hot Air Oven in India. Our Hot air ovens are rugged in construction with accurate and uniform temperature. Yatherm manufacture Hot air oven up to 400 degrees Celsius working temperature. Our Hot air ovens consist of round shape air heaters with imported motor for circulation of fan. Yatherm hot air ovens are available from 45 liters to 2000 liters capacity in a single and double door. We offer optional accessories like PLC with HMI, Timer, Safety thermostat, Outer complete SS 304 with inner stainless steel 316. Yatherm offers hot air Oven at a reasonable price in India with onsite after-sales service.


  • User-Friendly
  • Rugged construction
  • Up to 400 degree Celsius Temperature
  • All Safety parameters
  • SS 304 removable tray
  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • High-Quality Imported Circulatory fan
  • DIN 12880 Class 3.1
  • ISI Mark Air Heaters
  • Validation Points
  • Double Walled construction
  • Mineral Wool Insulation
  • Zero Skin Temperature


  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • College laboratory
  • Hospitals
  • Textile industry
  • Bandages Making
  • Baking
  • Microbiology
  • Chemical laboratory



Yatherm Hot air ovens are suitable for operation within the range of ambient to 300°C and readability 0.00°C with an accuracy of +/-1% only. PID controller has timer up to 9999 minutes and an alarm facility for high and low temperatures. Temperature is uniform inside the Chamber because of the air circulatory fan. We also offer a safety thermostat of temperature for our hot air oven.


Hot Air Oven Construction:

Double-walled and triple-walled construction with inner SS 304/316 and outer construction of Mild Steel powder coated. Double-walled hot air ovens are insulated with Mineral wool insulation instead of glass wool insulation for zero skin temperature. Oven Chamber consists of adjustable SS 304 trays for keeping samples and glassware. Air circulatory fan is covered by mesh type steel cover for the safety of the user. Yatherm ovens are mounted on heavy castor wheels with two lockable wheels and two free movable wheels.



Doors are designed in double-walled construction where inner door made up of complete SS 304 and outer MS powder coated with 60 mm mineral wool insulation in between the walls. Doors are equipped with high-quality heavy hinges and door lock handle facility to avoid intervention. Yatherm also offers toughened glass for easy view of samples on customer’s request.


Heating Elements:

For uniform and efficient heating inside the chamber, we provide air heaters instead of nichrome wires and heaters. ISI mark air heaters come in u shape and ring shape which works only with a circulatory fan. Fin type air heaters provide fast heating at a high RAMP rate.


Hot Air Oven Dimensions
Model No. Inner Chamber (W x D x H) Volume(Liters) Load(kW) Shelves(No’s)
HOT 45 355 x 355 x 355 mm 45 1.5 2
HOT 95 455 x 455 x 455 mm 95 2.0 2
HOT 125 455 x 455 x 605 mm 125 2.2 3
HOT 224 605 x 605 x 605 mm 224 2.5 3
HOT 252 605 x 455 x 910 mm 252 2.5 3
HOT 336 605 x 605 x 910 mm 336 3.0 3
HOT 400 605 x 605 x 1100 mm 400 3.5 4


Hot Air Oven Specifications
Temperature Range Room temperature +5 to 300°C maximum (400°C optional)
Temperature Accuracy + / – 1%
Temperature Uniformity + / – 1°C
Controls Digital PID controller
Temp Display LED Display
Sensor PT-100
Heating Element AIR type Heaters
Safety device Over-temperature protection
Electric leakage breaker
Temperature safety as per DIN 12880 Class 3.1
Exterior Chamber MS powder coated/ SS 304 / SS 316
Internal Chamber 304 stainless steel
Insulation Mineral Wool
Doors Solid doors w/ silicone rubber gasket & lock
Shelves 2 – 4 Stainless steel shelves (Removable)
Air Circulation Forced air circulation
Power Supply 110 V / 220 V / 440 V

Post your queries for all types of ovens on mail or query box, we can design and customize Hot Air Oven according to your requirements.  We are having 25 years of experience in the Manufacturing of heating equipment in India. we are known for customization, timely delivery & Great after-sales support.


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