Dissolution Test Apparatus

USP/IP Compliance Tablet Dissolution tester

Dissolution tester is designed to determine the rate at which tablets and capsules completely dissolve into the gastrointestinal tract and releases drug ingredients in the body.  This instrument evaluates the bio-availability of the tablet or capsule and provides accurate information to the team. Our instrument is used in the quality control & R&D laboratory of pharmaceuticals for testing the USP/IP compliance in the making of a drug.

This Instrument comes with the latest technology, Microprocessor controlled; advanced engineering techniques, 4 lines alphanumeric LCD display with 19 soft touch keys, 200 sample storage facility & ISI mark SS heater for uniform temperature. This instrument has a facility for setting up 20 different kinds of test methods.

Yatherm microprocessor-based test apparatus comes with an acrylic water bath, SS heaters & programmable stirrers for accurate and best results. This instrument works on standard temperature & RPM by keeping drugs into the reaction vessel for a standard time and checks the dissolution of the drug. SS heaters give uniform temperature to the water bath and drugs while running this test. This test is very useful for pharmaceutical companies to get FDA approval from the government.

The Yatherm Dissolution test apparatus comes in different stations for different types of users with user-friendly features. We manufacture and offer high-quality equipment with the best price in the WORLD for our customers. We offer a year warranty with five years of spare parts availability to all our customers at the best price in India.


  • 1, 6, 8 & 14 station models are available
  • USP/IP compliance
  • Accurate and precise testing
  • 20-200 RPM programmable speed
  • Three programming modes
  • 19 soft touch key for higher models
  • Samples storage facility after machine off
  • Easy to clean the water bath and beakers
  • Printer port
  • Audiovisual alarm system


                   DISSO – X series
Stations1, 6, 8 & 14 station models are available
Display20 x 4 Line Alphanumeric LCD display with Backlit
Keyboard19 soft-touch membrane keys
Prog. ModeRoutine, Sustain and Control mode
PrinterProvision for the attachment of a real-time dot-matrix printer
Speed25 – 200 RPM, ± 1 RPM
Resolution1 RPM
Accuracy± 1 RPM
RangeRoom temperature – 100°C
Accuracy+/- 1°C
Temp. ControlMicroprocessor Based using PT 100
Reaction Vessel1000 ml jars, stirrer pedals, and baskets
Heater500 watt to 1000 kW as per model
PowerSingle-phase 220 v


Water Bath, Temperature Sensor, External Temperature Sensor, Reaction Vessel capacity 1000 ml, Round Acrylic Cover Plate, S.S. Paddle, S.S Wire Mesh Basket



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