Viscosity Bath

Kinematic Viscosity bath for Oil & Petroleum products

Viscosity bath is a kind of water bath consists of 2 to 4 holes for spindles rotation inside the bath. Viscosity bath is designed for measuring the viscosity of any kind of oil like Engine oil, Crude Oil & Soyabean oil. Viscosity bath manufactured supplied & exported by Yatherm Scientific with a year warranty and appreciated after-sales support.


You Demand and We design for your Application
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Oil Refineries
  • Food industry
  • Research Institutes

We offer standard and customized models of oil viscosity bath with fully automatic operation. We supply a heated viscosity bath and cooling viscosity bath. We have a wide range of scientific equipment and a viscosity bath is one of the quality equipment supplied by Yatherm Scientific.


Cooling Viscosity bath – 0°C – 180°C
Heating Viscosity bath – Room temperature +5°C to 180°C


Viscosity bath is user-friendly and has rugged construction for long life working. Viscosity bath construction of a complete stainless steel chamber consists of illumination light with two glass windows. Temperature is controlled by an autotune PID controller with SV & PV option. The top cover of the bath designed with a customized number of holes and made up of complete SS 304.




  • Long Life
  • User-friendly
  • Rugged Construction
  • 2, 4, 6 & 8 Viscometer accommodation
  • Low-level protection in the water bath
  • Standard ASTM D445
  • Standard IP-71
  • Digital PID controlled
  • The seamless construction of Chamber


Model YSV-4 YSV-8 YSB-4R YSB-8R
Inner Size 12 x 10 x 12 Inch 12 x 12 x 12 Inch 12 x 10 x 12 Inch 12 x 12 x 12 Inch
Size 4 Viscometers 6 / 8 Viscometers 4 Viscometers 6 / 8 Viscometers
Temperature Range RT+5°C to 180°C 0°C to 180°C
Temperature sensor PT-100
Temp. Controller PID controller with SV/PV
Temp. Accuracy ±0.1°C
Construction – Inner chamber: SS 304 ,Optional – SS 316
– Outer Body Construction: MS powder coated
– Insulation: High-Quality Glass wool
– Window: Dual toughened glass heat resistant
– Light: 1 Phillips illumination Light
Heating System U type ISI mark Water heaters
Stirring Stirring by S.S. shaft fitted with Motor
Power 230 Volts 50 Hz (Single Phase)
Accessories Viscosity holder, universal type
Documentation – Controller Electric diagram and manual
– User manual
– IQ, OQ, PQ & DQ documentation (On-demand)

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