Seed Counter

Automatics Digital Seed Counting machine for grains

Yatherm offers an advanced version of Seed counter specially designed for the agricultural industry. Our seed counters designated for automatic and precise calculations of multiple grains without any errors. Yatherm Seed counter is truly an innovative product for the seed industry which replaced all old heavyweight & time-consuming models.

Our seed counters are based on real-time counting methods uniformly in a very short response time. Without realizing the necessity of agriculture, No nation can become self-dependent and economically strong. The agricultural sector in India shows a major contribution to the National economy. More and more refined instruments like seed counter and plant growth chamber evolved and brought revolution in modern agriculture.

India has the second-largest agricultural land in the world which makes it more responsible for domestic and international supply. Yatherm Seed counter, seed germination chambers, plant growth chamber, leaf area meter are very much essential for the growth of the economy of India and the world.


  • Microprocessor-based automatic control
  • Soft press touch keys
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Hypothesis number & actual number display
  • Count speed can change
  • No noise
  • High precision instrument
  • Metal shell


Technical Matrix
Model Number SLY –A,B & C
Measuring range 1-9999 seeds
Application Scope
Small Sample 0.7 –  4 mm  x  0.7 – 12 mm
Big Sample 3 – 10 mm  x  3 – 12 mm
Testing  Time More than  3000/3 minutes
Precision: Big Sample 2/1000
Power 220 V, 50 Hz
Working Duration Continuous  5 hours or more


Yatherm available Models

SLY – A: It is designed for small samples such as rice, wheat, rape, vegetables, flowers & plants, Tobacco.

SLY – B: This model is manufactured for big samples such as corn, bean & sunflowers seed.

SLY – C:  This is our fast and advanced model of seed counter available in the market.

Type of Seeds measured in Seed Counter

1)       Nuts

2)       Mustard

3)       Sunflower

4)       Soybean

5)       Niger

6)       Ling Seed


Yatherm fully automatic seed counters are available at a reasonable price in India with a year warranty and after-sales support for a long life. You can post your queries for seed counters all available models 24×7 on WhatsApp and email.

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