Yatherm Polarimeter

Yatherm Scientific manufactures and supply customized and standard exclusive line of Manual, Semi Automatic & High-Speed Automatic Polarimeter, This instrument is designed for measuring the optical rotation of substances. Know More

Automatic Refractometer

Yatherm Refractometer

Yatherm Scientific manufactures and offers standard and an exclusive line of Digital refractometer, Automatic Refractometer & digital handheld pocket Refractometer. Refractometers are simple optical instruments . Know More

Flocculator 6 spindle

Yatherm Flocculator

Yatherm Scientific manufactures  & offer Flocculator /Jar Testing apparatus equipment for testing water soluble polymers used with conventional waste water treatment processes such as coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation. Know More

Yatherm Scientific: Laboratory Scientific Equipment Manufactures Suppliers

“YATHERM SCIENTIFIC” is a brand in Scientific Equipment used for various applications in College, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals, Research Industries and Public Sectors performed in various spheres of Industrial and Institutional applications.

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