Tube Furnace

Atmospheric Single zone, Multi-zone, Vertical, Horizontal, Split type & Rotary Tube Furnace

Yatherm is a leading manufacturer of the high-quality furnace in India. Tube furnace is our finest and advanced product with various options.  We have a wide range of tube furnace which includes a single zone to multi-zone with vertical to rotary tube furnace. Yatherm Scientific produces split tube furnace from 800 °C to 1800 °C temperature range.  Tube furnace is also known as vacuum tube furnace or atmospheric tube furnace.

Tube furnaces are atmospheric furnaces designed with vacuuming and gas purging facilities. Yatherm Tube furnaces are equipped with gas valve, vacuum sealing flange, mechanical vacuum gauges, quartz tube & control panel with programmable controller. It comes in a bench top and standing model with a bottom tray for keeping samples.


Single Zone & Multi-Zone Tube furnace

Yatherm manufactures single zone and multi-zone tube furnace with single and multi-controller. A multi-zone tubular furnace designed with a multi-gas flow controller for purging inert gas inside the tube. Single zone Tube furnace consists of a single controller, a single thermocouple & a Single gas flow controller.  We manufacture tube furnace for the application of synthesis and purification of inorganic and organic compounds under an inert atmosphere.

We can produce 2 to 10 zones multi zones tube furnace for the requirement of customers. Our Multi-zone tube furnace comes in the horizontal and vertical model. We also make customized tube furnace in India at a reasonable price. Tube furnace price is worth value buying for industries.

Tube Furnace Construction

Our all kind of tube furnace is designed in outer MS powder coated and inner alumina ceramic fiber. We use Quartz tube in 1200 degree Celsius and alumina tube in 1600 degree Celsius furnace. We use stainless steel vacuum sealing flange and Steel gas valve.  For the Opening of Door, we use a pneumatic arm rod for easy operations.

Types of Tube Furnace Tubes

100 degree to 1200 degree furnace – Quartz Tube

100 degree to 1200 degree furnace – Stainless Steel Tube

1200 degree to 1800 degree furnace – Alumina Tube

Vertical Tube furnace Daigram
Tube furnace Chamber

Tube furnace chamber designed according to the desired temperature range in a single zone and multi-zone. We have a chamber manufacturing unit inside our premises for the fine quality of the tube furnace. Below shown chambers are fitted with heating elements in split tubes.


We use heating elements depending upon the requirement of temperature from 800 to 1800 degrees Celsius. We use lanthanum chromite and MOSI2 for 1800 & 1700 degrees Celsius working simultaneously.  Silicon carbide is used below 1500 degrees Celsius and Kanthal A1 for 1100 degrees Celsius. Our Heating elements are imported from JAPAN to maintain the quality of the tube furnace.


Yatherm is known for the safety of users and machinery with reputed after sales support. Our controller consists of over temperature cut off with low and high alarm. Sensor break protection with overshoot temperature controlling features is inbuilt in our furnace. We provide safety gloves and SS tongs to the user from high temperatures. We use high-quality insulation for low skin temperature with low weight and density. Safety is our priority and we always train people for safety measurement.


We offer 800 to 1800 degrees Celsius Tube furnace with Programmable controller and Optional PLC with HMI. Yatherm tube furnaces are equipped with two groups and 8 segment PID controller with NABL certification. Our Controller shows Set value, present value, remaining time, soaking time & ramp rate in LED double display. The temperature control panel includes heating start indicator, load indicator with sound light alarm.

Tube Furnace Specification
Model Heating length


Tube Size

(Dia x Length)/ mm

Maximum temperature Working temperature Load


Heating Element
YTF -25-12 300 25 x 600 1200 1100 2 Kanthal A1
YTF -40-12 300 40 x 1000 1200 1100 2 Kanthal A1
YTF -60-12 300 60 x 1000 1200 1100 3 Kanthal A1
YTF -80-12 300 80 x 1000 1200 1100 3 Kanthal A1
YTF -100-12 300 100 x 1000 1200 1100 3 Kanthal A1
YTF -40-14 300 40 x 1000 1400 1350 2 SIC
YTF -60-14 300 60 x 1000 1400 1350 3 SIC
YTF -80-14 300 80 x 1000 1400 1350 4 SIC
YTF -100-14 300 100 x 1000 1400 1350 5 SIC
YTF -40-17 300 40 x 1000 1700 1650 5 MoSi2
YTF -60-17 300 60 x 1000 1700 1650 6 MoSi2
YTF -80-17 300 80 x 1000 1700 1650 6 MoSi2
YTF -100-17 300 100 x 1000 1700 1650 6 MoSi2
Sliding Split type Tube Furnace

We are coming up with our new model of tube furnace with the sliding facility on the railing platform.  This is one of the split type tube furnaces designed to operate under an atmospheric environment with high precision. We offer a sliding tube furnace with an LCD touch panel & controlled by PLC. This furnace is Mount on four movable castor wheels with two front locking wheels.