Melting/Boiling Point Apparatus

USP/IP Melting & Boiling Point apparatus

Yatherm is known as a Pharmaceutical instrument Manufacturer in India with a variety of categories used in a research laboratory. Yatherm offers USP/IP compliance Melting point apparatus with all validation documents like IQ/PQ/DQ to our pharmaceutical customers. As the Name suggests this pharmaceutical instrument designed for the determination of the accurate melting point of solid samples with precise & controlled accuracy.

Yatherm Models comes in TFT screen with high-quality camera for testing the range of boiling and melting point of solid samples in powder form. Yatherm Melting Point Apparatus is equipped with a Silicon Oil bath, Capillaries holders, inbuilt magnetic stirrer, pilot lamp, a magnifier, Temperature selection point & glare free illuminator. Start & Stop switches used for testing the samples melting point. Our pharmaceutical instruments are rugged in construction for long life usage with the user-friendly controller.

Melting Point Apparatus Construction:

Silicon Oil bath – This Instrument equipped with 200 ml capacity cylindrical Oil bath have ISI mark U type heater for uniform heating in the bath & Teflon cover with five holes in it. We use Silicon Oil as heating media in this instrument for testing melting and boiling points.

Capillary – This instrument equipped with three holes for an arrangement of holding 100 mm long capillary for testing the samples in testing heating media.

LED Display – This unit comes with 4 digits & 3 Digit has 7 segments display

TFT screen – USP/IP compliance Boiling Point apparatus equipped with a High-resolution camera for a view of the capillary.

 Magnetic Stirrer – Yatherm Offers magnetic stirrer with on/off and speeds control manual knob for uniform temperature.

Boiling Point Glass Tube – 6 mm (diameter) x 75 mm (long )glass tube comes for testing the boiling point of samples.

Digital temperature Indicator –  Pt 100 sensor helps in indicating the temperature range digitally
TFT screen with Camera 4/3 digit 7 segments LED Display
Digital Readout for temperature 0.1°C Silicon Oil Bath
Inbuilt Magnetic Stirrer Simple operation fast process
User-Friendly Accurate Results
Silicon Oil bath IQ/OQ/DQ Validation Documents
Melting Point Apparatus Specifications
Model Carbon 935 Carbon  934
Measuring Boiling point & Melting Point Melting point & Boiling Point
Construction  MS powder coated MS powder coated
Temperature range RT +2°C – 300°C RT +2°C – 300°C
Resolution 0.1°C 1°C
Display 4 Digits, 7-Segment LED AlphaNumeric 3 Digits, 7-Segment LED AlphaNumeric
Capillary Length: 100 mm
Dia.: 0.8 – 1.1mm
Length: 100 mm
Dia.: 0.8 – 1.1mm
Boiling Point Glass Tubes Length: 75-80 mm Length: 75-80  mm
Heating Media Silicon oil Silicon oil
Power 230 V ± 10%, 50 Hz. AC 230 V ± 10%, 50 Hz. AC
Weight 12 kg
Accessories Capillaries, Boiling Point Tubes, Thermometer
Silicon Oil, Magnetic Capsule, Beaker with Teflon Cover

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