Vertical Autoclave

Fully Automatic Top loading Vertical steam sterilizers in 30 to 250 liters capacity



Top loading Vertical Autoclaves are cylindrical in shape, double-walled & triple-walled construction with radial locking system. Yatherm reckoned as a leading manufacturer of class N & Class B type of vertical steam sterilizer. Our user-friendly vertical steam sterilizer is designed for a space constraint lab. These equipments are made for Pharmaceuticals, Microbiology laboratory, Hospitals, OT & biotechnology laboratory. Yatherm Vertical steam sterilizer has a tripod stand with adjustable screws & pedal lifting for door opening.


Yatherm Sterilizers are designed according to the ASME standard of manufacturing of chamber under pressure. Our All autoclave goes through an air compressor hydraulic test at 40 PSI. We offer Economy Models, Deluxe Models, GMP models & Triple Walled models. Vertical steam sterilizers designed in double-walled construction with inbuilt water heater and perforated basket. Triple walled construction vertical sterilizers can be made against the order with 21 CFR controller & software.


Vertical Steam Sterilizer Construction

The vertical Steam sterilizer has a complete SS sterilization chamber with a Temperature cum timer controller. Our Autoclaves are designed with radial locking pedal lifting type top opening doors. Control Panel consist of low water indicator, load indicator, Low water indicator, emergency on/off switch, & PID controller with optional printing facility.


21 CFR Controller

We offer 21 CFR controllers & software with our Steam Sterilizer for real-time monitoring of the temperature and pressure. 21 CFR controllers come with a computer interface that gives you real-time recording without any manipulation. Our controller display digital temperature, digital pressure, digital timer, purging temperature, & F0 value. 21 CFR controller comes with many features required for Steam Sterilizer.

  • Real-time printing
  • Real-time data logging
  • F0 Value
  • 4 channel mapping
  • Real-Time chart
  • Digital Pressure display
  • Fully automatic operation


FAT (Factory Acceptance test)

Yatherm always performs a factory acceptance test with in house calibration and Validation. Our Vertical Autoclaves performs a uniformity test with 4-16 sensors of different types. We always use DIN sensor, class A sensors & Class b sensors and place all sensors in different locations of autoclave for uniformity test at 121 degrees Celsius. Yatherm offers to his customers a third-party validation with the NABL calibration certificate.

Low Water Indicator

We supply autoclave including all needed accessories like low water indicator, low water cut off, Pressure controller & PID controller. Vertical autoclave price is inclusive of all accessories with automatic functioning. The red mark in the glass tube indicates the minimum water filling level for the safety of heating elements.

Heating Element

We offer SS water heaters with a minimum electric Load of 4 KW. All these heaters are made in India ISI mark with an easy replacement system. We have rich experience in the manufacturing of all kinds of autoclaves in India. Our autoclaves are running in reputed pharmaceutical companies, NABH Hospitals, R&D laboratories & Food processing units. We offer 21 CFR controllers with software for recording of real-time data on computers. Our autoclave undergoes in house validation with NABL certified instruments. All validation documents come with a traceability certificate from NABL Labs.


Vertical Autoclave Diagram


Key Features:
  • Class N-type Steam Sterilizer
  • Automatic Purging
  • Inbuilt boiler for positive pressure displacement
  • User-friendly
  • Real-time Printer (optional)
  • USB Port for Recording Cycles
  • Safety valve
  • The setting of Sterilization Cycles Unwrapped goods: 4 min, Wrapped: 10 min, Rubber/Textiles: 10 min
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Danfoss Pressure Controller


Documents Offered
  • IQ/PQ/DQ/OQ documents
  • User Manual of controller
  • The user manual of Vertical Autoclave
  • Calibration report of Sensor and Controller
  • NABL certified Calibration reports


Optional Accessories
  • Complete SS 304 construction (GMP)
  • Up to 134°C temperature range
  • PLC with HMI interface
  • Thermal Printer
  • Vacuum Pump
  • USB port


Vertical Autoclave Specification
Construction Double Walled Model Triple Walled Model
No. of walls Two Three
Output Result Slightly Wet Complete Dry
Interior & Exterior SS 304
Gasket Jointless Neoprene Gasket
Working Pressure 15 – 20 psi
Working Temperature 110°C to 129°C
Controller 21 CFR Microprocessor-based PID controller
Pressure display Analog dial gauge
Timer Digital Timer with Alarm
Hydraulic tested Tested up to 40 psi
Basket Stainless steel wire mesh type basket Not needed
Power supply Single-phase/triple phase
Safety features Low water indicator, Automatic pressure switch, Steam release valve, spring-loaded safety valve, Over temperature protection
Top Loading Vertical Steam Sterilizer Dimension 
Model Number Diameter x Height  Volume Load
Clave 50D 350 mm x 550 mm 50 liters 3 kW
Clave 100D 450 mm x 650 mm 100 liters 4 kW
Clave 150D 500 mm x 750 mm 150 liters 5 kW
Clave 200D 550 mm x 850 mm 200 liters 6 kW

Every unit provides highly satisfactory performance and a competitive price guarantee. We are supplying Made in India Vertical autoclave designed & tested with high accuracy.

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