Acrylic Glove Box

The acrylic Glove box is designed to view the samples and testing from each side and each angle. Yatherm, Offers small and big size customized and tailor-made glove boxes at a reasonable price. Gloves boxes are used to give an inert atmosphere to the testing of samples. This cabinet saves the testing of our samples from oxidation. This is a lightweight cabinet with high-quality latex gloves, KF -25 connector, big size main chamber door & antechamber with a Vacuum gauge.


Yatherm has five models in transparent plexiglass with almost similar design and different features. One of our Acrylic Glove Box models has a pressure controller and another one is without pressure controller. We can customize our standard models for working more than a single person by simply increasing the dimension & number of gloves.

Glove Box Diagram:

Imported acrylic Construction Transparent clear view
Vacuum air locker and side door Chemical resistance
Prevent moisture absorption Portable size Light Weight
Easy to clean interior Scratch resistance cabinet


Model YS/TGB-2 YS/TGB-2Y
Pressure Controller  Without Yes
Digital Vacuum Pressure Gauge Fixed In Antechamber Range: 0 to 101Kpa
(Absolute Pressure)
Valves 3 Manual valves Three manual valves
Two solenoid valves
Construction Acrylic sheet
Glove Box Dimension (mm) 1150 L x 500 W x 500 H
Containment Chamber(mm) 875 L x 480 W x 500 H
Air Lock Chamber(mm) 230 L x 230 W x 230 H
Plastic thickness 6 mm with Support
Side Door size 400 mm diameter
Glove port’s size 151 mm Dia
Pressure Range Main Chamber – 90 Kpa ˜ 120 Kpa
Air Lock Chamber – 10 Kpa ˜ 120 Kpa
Glove Ports Two-Port Glovebox (One Operator)
Standard accessories


– Analog Pressure gauge: 01 No.
– Internal plug strip: 01 No.
– Latex Gloves: 01 pair
Plexi Glass Small Glove Box YS-TGB-1

This is the smallest size glove box with two latex gloves, Transparent Plexi Glass & manual Solenoid Valve. This type of glove box is used for contamination-sensitive samples in an inert atmosphere. Glove Box provides oxygen and moisture free environment to avoid oxidation.

  1. Semiconductor laboratory
  2. Battery research
  3. Chemical Industry
  4. Pharmaceutical Industry
  5. Defense Laboratories
Model Size (mm) Glove Ports Glove Port Size (mm) Thickness(mm) Net Weight (kg)
TGB -1 312(L) x 407(W) x 400(H) 2 Ф150 6 15


Humidity-Controlled Transparent Glove Box – TGB – 2C

Yatherm TGB-2C equipped with an automatic humidity controller and pressure controller for humidity and oxidation-sensitive products. This controller is very useful in dehumidifying and purging of nitrogen gas to make an inert atmosphere.


  1. LED display
  2. 1-60%RH adjustable
  3. Relative humidity deviation is ±2%RH
  4. High Dehumidifying Speed
  5. Low relative Humidity up to 1% RH
  6. Microcontroller Unit for digital & real-time data
  7. Solenoid valve will open to purge the gas in case of deviation of humidity from the set point
Acrylic Glove box Specifications:
Model TGB-2C
Air Locker Chamber Size 240 L x 240 W x 240 H  mm
Containment Chamber Size 900 L x500 W x500 H  mm
Product Overall Size 1250 L x 500 W x 500 H  mm
Option Vacuum Pump /Nitrogen Cylinder/ Gloves
Clean Room Glove Box with HEPA Filters – TGB-2D

Now we have come with innovation and our new model of glove box fitted with HEPA filter. This Glove Box is specially designed for cleanroom operations. Our HEPA filters are made in JAPAN with the easily replaceable arrangement.



  1. Steel clamp with Gloves
  2. 480 CFM impeller Blower
  3. HEPA Filter with 99.9% with 0.3micron
  4. ULPA filters as per requirement
  5. All these parts are mounted on hard Polypropylene


Transparent Glove Box Specifications:
Model YS-TGB – 2D
Air Locker Chamber Size 240 L x 240 W x 240 H  mm
Containment Chamber Size 900 L x500 W x500 H  mm
Product Overall Size 1250 L x 500 W x 500 H  mm
Option Closed-loop Type HEPA Glove Box / Vacuum Pump /Nitrogen Cylinder


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