Sedimentation Shaker

5 & 6 cylinders Sedimentation Shaker



Sedimentation Shaker is specially designed for the determination of the sedimentation value of flour samples in order to measure protein quantity and quality based on swelling of protein globules as well as the agglomeration of present starch into protein globules in a lactic acid medium. Our Digital Sedimentation shaker has five to six cylinders and each cylinder has a capacity of 50-100 ml. These cylinders are carried on an acrylic tray which fixed horizontally and oscillates with the help of the speed regulator.


Digital RPM meter and Digital timer will show the reading for recording purposes. Yatherm Scientific offers high-quality precision equipment with the best price in INDIA. This Machine comes with one year warranty and after-sale spare parts availability for ten years.


Our each Sedimentation Shaker unit provides highly satisfactory performance and a competitive price guarantee. We are the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Sedimentation Shaker in India since 1985 with great after-sale support worldwide.


Yatherm Sedimentation Shaker Models.
  • INDO 5
  • INDO 6
Sedimentation Shaker Features:-
High performanceOptimum functionalitySturdy constructionLow energy consumption
Durable finish standardsExcellent performanceErgonomic designUser-Friendly
ModelINDO – 5INDO 6
Number of samples56
Cylinders50 ml / 100 ml
Tilt angle30 degree
Oscillations40 Oscillations / Min
Oscillation controllerDigital regulator / Manual Speed regulator
MotorDC motor
Power SupplySingle-phase 220 V

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