Dead Weight Tester

Mechanical deadweight testers or primary standards are the most accurate reference instruments for pressure. The functional principle is based on the physical principle of Pressure = force/area. A Deadweight tester is a calibration standard works on the principle of pressure weighing balance for calibrating pressure measuring devices like pressure gauges. Yatherm deadweight testers are reckoning for quality in terms of fast stabilization times, Digital display & Testing under Normal condition.


Ultra-high pressure Dead Weight tester – 2500T


Working Principle

Weighted Plates are placed on the top of a piston-cylinder system are the main source of a precisely defined force. Producing required pressure inside the pressure balance equilibrium is achieved: Weight pieces, including the free-running piston of the piston-cylinder system, are floating, which will lead to a very accurate pressure at the test report.


  1. Standard explains the pressure With a scale ranging from 250 MPa.
  2. Manufacturing Unit Use in Pressure references
  3. Calibration lab Related To Pressure Instruments


  • Weights can be driven to 250MPa with the engine at once.
  • Dirty Medium oil can be drained out from the sewage outlets when it gets dirty.
  • The piston rod is an anti-breakage structure and adopts a spacing ring structure to reduce friction, so it is strong and rotates steadily.
  • The gauge adopts a military-grade sealed structure to completely avoid oil leakage.
  • The base is stainless steel material and is assembled 3.5” TFT LCD display which can display piston working location, temperature & humidity, Etc.


Model:   YS-2500T
Pressure OutputM20x1.5 or NPT standard quick connector  
Pressure test method  Gauge Pressure
Material  Non-magnetic stainless steel (0.005; 0.01; 0.02)  ; Carbon steel (0.05)
Weight set  According to the user’s requirement, the configuration of the Kg group or Mpa group can be customized & the pressure deformation coefficient will be adjusted
MaterialPiston Rod, cylinder: tungsten carbide  
Medium  Sebacate Oil
Measuring Range5-250 MPa  
Accuracy0.05% F.S., 0.01% F.S., 0.2%F.S., 05%F.S.


Hydraulic Dead Weight Tester
  • Able to test two gauges synchronously: applied the fast pressure plug: no oil leakage
  • Abrasive resistance is improved because of the high tensile & high hardness wolfram carbide material.
  • The piston road is designed in an anti-breaking structure.
  • The piston system configures the eddy current displacement sensor, adopts an integrated double row LCD digital cursor display, therefore piston position can be observed clearly at any time.
  • With a Pre-pressure pump, it can fill oil to large capacity gauge, several gauges or long-distance calibration pipeline system.
  • The tester junction with stop valve and piston stop valve, so it can be used as an independent pressure source When the piston stop valve is closed.


ModelRange MPaAccuracy
YS – 6T0.04-0.60.05%
YS – 60T0.1-60.01%
YS – 250T0.5-2.50.02%
YS – 600T1-600.05%
YS – 1000T2-1000.05%
YS – 1600T2-1600.05%
  1. Primary standard for defining the pressure scale in a range of up to 160 MPa.
  2.  Pressure reference for factory and calibration lab for the testing adjustment and calibration of pressure measuring instruments.


BaseStainless Steel
Piston Rod, cylindertungsten carbide
Non-magnetic stainless steel(0.005; 0.01; 0.02)  
Carbon steel(0.05)
Working Medium  
<25MPa: Mixed Oil ( transformer oil & kerosene oil)  
> 25MPa : Sebacate Oil  


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