Carbonation Chambers Are Ideal for Testing the Durability of Various Building Materials

The carbonation Chamber is primarily designed to determine the temperature and humidity conditions required to protect the precious samples. This activity is done under a certain concentration (that may vary from 20% to less) of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) in a concrete specimen carbonation depth.

Our proven and high-quality chamber solutions provide the matchless sample protection for an extensive range of sample types and even a wide array of large-sized storage conditions.


Materials Used in the Making of Carbonation Chambers

The sandwich-type construction is used in the carbonation chamber where 304 stainless steel plates are used in the construction of the inner side, while the outer area is created with the help of the powder-coated mild steel plate. In general, the dimension of the internal chamber is 600 mm X 600mm X600mm; optimum performance with 150 kg of Concrete load; and volume is 200 liter.

Humidity varies from 40% to 80% RH and temperature goes from 20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. The CO2 concentration goes from 0 to 5%. The control panel manages all the above-mentioned parameters automatically. The front door opening makes the chamber airtight.


Air Circulation

The chamber contains a blower that manages the temperature throughout the area by a quiet running blower circulation air. The uniform temperature and humidity are obtained through the forced air circulated in a vertical direction and re-circulated throughout the chamber.



The steam injection method is used to create the humidity in the Carbonation Test Chamber.  The backside of the chamber also includes a boiler tank that helps the product for better servicing. The boiler tank also contains a float valve that assists the equipment to control the water level.


Heating & Cooling System

The chamber includes durable SS tubular heaters as the heating element. Our accelerated carbonation vacuum chamber comes with the stainless steel fins that are known for transferring heat in the optimum possible way. It also comprises of the hermetically sealed compressor CFC-free compressor along with a long-lasting condenser and evaporation coil.


Salient Features:

  • Double-wall construction
  • Interior fabricated from high-grade stainless steel.
  • Exterior body made of Mild and duly powder coated steel material.
  • User-friendly designed chamber door and locking mechanism
  • Incorporated with a Digital controller and quality Imported Temp, RH & CO2 Sensors
  • Uniformity is sustained by a quiet running blower.
  • The humidity created by steam injection method
  • CO2 Indicator with imported CO2 Sensor
  • Aesthetic outer look and electrical wiring as per CE Compliances
  • Removable perforated trays to provide enhanced air circulation through samples


Safety Features

  • High-temperature safety cut off
  • Electrical overload cut off
  • Low water level boiler cut off
  • Electrical circuit breaker
  • Time delay for compressor switch ON


Carbonation Chamber Technical Specification
ConstructionSandwich type
Inner chamberStainless steel S.S. – 304 Grade
Exterior bodyMild steel
Thermal insulation75mm to prevent thermal loss
PaintPowder coating in attractive shades
Chamber Volume200 liter
Chamber Dimension600 mm X 600mm X 600mm
Temperature range5°C above Ambient to 60°C.
Optimum Performancewith 150 kg of Concrete load
CO2 ConcentrationAtmosphere concentration to 4.5% with accuracy 0.01% (Maximum solubility of CO2 in water is 4%)
Humidity rangeAmbient to 80% RH (Maximum carbonation takes place between 40% RH to 80% RH )
Controller           Digital PID Temp & RH Controller




The carbonation chamber is perfect for determining the life of concretes/building materials under a constant temperature, CO2 concentration, and humidity.

Yatherm Scientific manufactures and provides high quality yet reasonably-priced digital carbonation chamber. Our concrete testing chambers come with optimum possible accuracy while following the WHO standards and complying FDA 21 CFR part 11 standards. They can be a perfect choice for the demanding needs of daily lab applications.


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