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Vaccine Freezers Provide Vital Protection for Precious Samples

A vaccine freezer is used to store and protect the precious samples against being damaged. The appropriate vaccine storage and handling practices come in handy when it comes to helping individuals and communities to stand straight against the vaccine-preventable diseases. It is really important to maintain the quality of the vaccine for the experts until it is administered.


The high-performance freezers and refrigerators are designed to safely and securely protect the temperature-sensitive materials, including vaccines. Our pharma refrigerators are incorporated with an advanced defrosting feature that helps keep vaccines within their required temperature range. Lockable or password-protected doors and precise temperature regulation also make the product a suitable choice for secure sample storage.



Technical Specifications
Model No.LAB0 -200LABO-300LABO-400
Capacity (Litres)200300400
Cooling TypeStaticFrost FreeFrost Free
Temperature Range0° C ~ 8° C0° C ~ 8° C0° C ~ 8° C
No. of Door (Glass)111
Baskets / Shelves345
External Dimensions (mm)



Advanced Laboratory Freezers

We maintain an exclusive variety of lab freezers equipped with advanced control systems and alarms, which make them a suitable choice for critical clinical, life sciences, and industrial applications. Our improved products can be used to store all the critical samples safely and securely.

Our full line of pharma refrigerators is meant to providing the awesome reliability, fabulous temperature uniformity as well as an environment-friendly construction. Various products including raw materials, reagents, vaccines as well as other critical samples can be stored carefully in a pharma refrigerator.


Our freezers are incorporated with properly designed trays that help the products to segregate working standards and reference standards samples for successful storage & quick retrieval. Through Ethernet, these refrigerators are connected to the latest software that makes the products useful for audit trails, alarm management, trending, and viewing, MKT as well as various other important features.




A Vaccine freezer features extra-strength refrigeration compressors, industrial-quality cabinet construction, positive airflow systems, and an easy-to-operate microprocessor control system.

Our lab freezer is suitable for the most in-demand applications with amazing features that are not easily available in the domestic units. Let’s discuss here what you will get in our vaccine freezers:




• Key-operated alarms and set-point security

• Multi-pane, glass doors

• Easy-to-read digital displays

• Optional temperature recording charts to confirm storage parameters

• Standard 1-inch access ports



Temperature Capability

Temperatures at which the laboratory refrigerators are operated generally vary from 2°C to 10°C. Remember the refrigerators with low temperatures require more power to be confused, so it’s always wise to go with a refrigerator that primarily meets the temperature needs.

Users can find these refrigerators with different control settings that can vary from a very simple dial thermostat to a bit stylish and refined digital LED display that ensures the more accurate programmable controls.

Minimizing the moisture even in the ambient air becomes possible with the installation of the low-humidity lab refrigerators. Experts recommend the use of reduced-humidity refrigerators for seed storage and applications. It is highly advisable to opt for the manual defrost systems for all those who are seeking an alternative to protect their samples from drying out.



Refrigerator cum Freezer For Ice Packs

These Refrigerators are the combination of Lab refrigerator and Vaccine freezers. Combination refrigerators are capable of cooling and freezing facilities in one cabinet. Temperature Range of the lab refrigerator cum freezer lies between (-25 °C ) to 10 ° C. The Freezing cabinet can undergo at a lower temperature to -25 °C degree Where 0 to 10 °C is for Refrigeration Cabinet.

  • Combination Model
  • Frost-free cooling
  • HCFC Free Cooling Cabinet
  • PID controlled
  • 100mm Insulation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Glass viewing window


Technical Specifications
ModelLABF 325
Product Dimensions (WxDxH)mm600x600x1800
Volume Total (Net)ltr325
Volume Refrigerator (Net)ltr221
Volume Freezer (Net)ltr100
Temperature Range (Refrigerator)°C0°C to 10°C
Temperature Range (Freezer)°C-25°C
Cooling TypeFrost free
No.of Door (Glass)2


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