Reciprocating Shaker/ Kahn Shaker

Yatherm manufactures customized and tailor-made Kahn shaker for mixing of chemicals, blood samples, culture, media & proteins. Reciprocating shakers equipped with rubber insulated rods for holding the beakers, flask and test tube holder. For controlling the variable speed in Kahn shakers we use a manual rotating knob with digital RPM display. Reciprocating shaker is an integral part of many machines like fume hood, Humidity temperature test chamber, CO2 incubator, Glove Box & Biosafety cabinet.

Kahn Shaker comes with adjustable platform & SS holding rods which helps in adjusting the space according to your requirement. Reciprocating Shaker works on the principle of mechanical shaking with the help of the DC motor. This is a user-friendly digital machine designed for pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Colleges & research laboratories.

Yatherm Shakers are rugged and quality equipment manufactured for regular use in your laboratories. Our Kahn shakers are specially designed for Indian and world market under made in India program which makes our shaker durable. Reciprocating shakers supplied by Yatherm are maintenance and service free equipment. This equipment designed with MS powder coated construction; adjustable SS insulated rods & DC brushless motor. Yatherm Kahn shakers are available at a reasonable price in India with a year warranty and ten years of spare parts availability.


User-Friendly Rubber Clamps
Variable speed control Durable Product
Different kind of platform Rugged Steel Constructed
Reciprocating flow motion Adjustable Kahn racks
Reciprocating Shaker Specifications:
Model YS 20 YS 30 YS 40
Platform Size 21 x 14 x 5 30 x 18 x 5 36 x 18 x 6
Kahn Racks Adjustable
Speed 10 to 250 rpm
Motion Reciprocating Motion
Control Variable speed control
Construction GI Powder Coated
Power Single Phase 220 / 230 Volts 50 Hz
Optional 99-minute Timer, Digital timer, Digital RPM, Tube racks, Bottle holder

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