Rotary Flask Shaker

16, 24, 48, 72 & 81 flasks Holder capacity Rotary Flask Shaker


Yatherm is the leading manufacturers of all types of Shakers in India Since 1985. We have the expertise in making quality shaking equipment. Rotary Flask Shaker is one of the shaking equipment manufactured by Yatherm with a full dedicated team of experts. Our customers send us regular inquires of customized rotary flask shakers and we deliver it without any hesitation & delay. This laboratory shaker has a wide range of industrial applications worldwide.


Rotary Flask Shaker works on the Principle of motorized shaking which works on brushless DC motor with variable speed function. We offer customized flask holders with spring for flexibility in fixing the Conical flask. Our Rotary Flask shakers are equipped with a highly accurate digital timer and digital RPM display.


Yatherm offers a Rotary Flask shaker in variable speed & fixed speed mode with Digital control and manual Operating. We offer the best price to meet our client’s basic requirements with customer satisfaction. We have a wide range of Rotary flask shakers from manual to fully automatic controller in MS powder coated & SS 304. Most of the International standard Labs is using Yatherm Shakers because of its reliability & quality delivery.

  • Laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hospitals
  • Microbiology
  • R & D
  • Food industry


Digital Display of RPM User-Friendly
GI powder Coated Maintenance-free operation
Digital Timer Speed Regulator
Capacity up to 1000 ml flask Non-slip pad minimizes the risk of damage


Technical Specifications:
Platform Matty Disc With SS clamps/PP clamps
Construction GI powder Coated
Speed Range 10 to 200 RPM
Speed controller Manual Rotation knob
Timer Automatic 999-minute digital timer
Power supply Single Phase (220V AC 50 Hz)


Dimension Matrix:
Model No. Platform Flask Quantity Motor HP
YS – 250 45 x 45 cm 100 ml x 25 0.25
YS – 360 45 x 45 cm 50 ml x 36 0.25
YS – 160 45 x 45 cm 250 ml x 16 0.25
YS – 251 55 x 55 cm 250 ml x 25 0.25
YS – 361 65 x 65 cm 250 ml x 36 0.25
YS – 810 100 x 100 cm 250 ml x 81 1.00
YS – 820 100 x 100 cm 500 ml x 81 1.00



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