Muffle Furnace

 Laboratory High-Temperature Muffle furnaces are available in 900°C, 1100°C, 1450°C, 1700°C, 1800 °C

Muffle furnace 1100°C, 1200°C, 1450°C,1700°C & 1800°C Manufacturer & supplier in India. Muffle furnace Price depends on Specification parts with a temperature range.  Yatherm Muffle furnace is a box furnace designed to operate above 300 Degree Celsius. Zirconia Fiber Board/Alumina Bricks gives an advantage to the high-temperature furnace chamber. We call it box furnace because of its design and shape & Muffle furnace because of its working without noise. Yatherm offers a wide range of muffle furnaces starting from 900 degrees Celsius to 1800 degrees Celsius.

This machine is controlled by a programmable controller and has features of RAMP RATE & SOAKING TIME. We can use SSR /SCR /Thyristor/ Transformer for electric supply from source to heaters. Different temperature range furnaces use different types of heaters to achieve the maximum temperature. Temperature range measured by different types of Thermocouples like K type, R type & B type. Yatherm is a known brand in the field of 1800 degree muffles furnace with a working temperature of 1800 degrees with the help of high-quality graphite heating rods.

Muffle furnace Construction

High Temperature Muffle furnace/Muffle Oven designed in triple-walled structure for long life and low skin temperature. Our Furnace comes with the insulation of the 1400 ZTL fiberboard for No Skin Temperature.  We customized a box furnace with 5-7 inches of insulation in all sides to avoid heat loss and low skin temperature for user safety. Yatherm furnaces come in SS 304/PCRC sheet with rugged construction & high-quality lockable wheels for better performance & long life.


  • Heating Element: Silicon carbide(SIC) heating ROD, molybdenum Disilicide (MoSi2) U shape rod &  Kanthal A1 wires according to the temperature. These are few real images of heating elements used in a muffle furnace.
  • Temperature Control: Microprocessor-based profile PID controller gives accurate and programmable temperature settings with SV and PV display.
  • Chamber construction: Muffle furnace has triple-walled construction and equipped with zirconia fiberboard cemented from all sides for long life. Chamber construction plays an important role in the working of a furnace by keeping it cool from outside for the safety of the user. We provide 7 inches insulation from all sides for the zero skin temperature of a Laboratory muffle furnace.
  • Temperature RangeRoom temperature to 900°C, 1100°C, 1450°C, 1700°C, 1800°C. Choosing a furnace according to your requirement depends on the temperature range. All Muffle furnaces are designed with different working temperature and maximum temperature range.
  • Voltage: To work on 220/230 V A.C. supply., big size comes in three phases 440 V, A.C.
  • Doors: Our laboratory Muffle Furnaces are equipped with insulated doors with board insulation. There is no heating on the door due to good quality insulation. Yatherm Muffle furnace doors are supplied with hinges and door lock.
Muffle Furnace Diagram

High-Temperature Muffle furnace working principle

It has mainly three parts; electronic control unit, the inner chamber and insulation & most importantly furnace chamber is heated by electric resistance elements. Door Safety Switch to disconnect the power supply of heaters for saving the heating elements and chamber from thermal Shock. The microprocessor PID controller controls the supply of the heaters and gives a reading on the LED display.


Our Furnaces Are Ideal For:

AlloyingAnnealingAtmospheric ProcessingfusionCeramic
MetallurgyHeat treatingIncinerationMeltingPlastic tensile strength test and Stone wire samples firing
Ignition testsGravimetric analysisHeat treating steel parts and GearsHeat treating GearsCoal sampling
Quench testingOrganic and inorganic ashingResearch facilities in chemistryChemical analysisAnnealing loss determination
Soils & aggregates cement TestingDevelopment of coatings and ceramicsGlass blowing labRice laboratoryQuantitative analysis and more!


Muffle Furnace Standard Features:
  • PID controller cum indicator
  • Compact in size.
  • Operation and maintenance are easier.
  • Maintain precise values
  • Door options available: Flap door/Lift door/Front opening door
  • Display: LCD/LED.
  • Solid-state relays provide for low noise protection
  • Over-temperature limiter
  • PCRC sheet body – Powder coated steel body assures corrosion resistant furnace and allows the working of the chamber at high-temperature applications
  • Digital output
  • Designed according to the standards and principles underlining the industry’s aesthetic values
  • Sturdy Construction

Optional Accessories:

  • HMI+PLC based controller
  • Temperature chart recorder
  • Provision for printer
  • RS 232/485 port.
  • Open and close updated through a mobile network


Muffle Furnace Specification:

Max temperature1100°C1450°C 1800°C
Continuous operating temp.1000°C1400°C1700°C
Heating elementKanthal – A1Silicon carbideMoSI2
ThermocoupleK TypeR TypeB TYPE
Chamber MOCCeramic fiberboardZirconia Fiber Board Alumina Insulated
Insulation1400 ZTL board1400 ZTL board High Purity fibrous alumina Insulation
Temperature controllerPID controlled with SILICON Controlled RectifierPID controller with imported Japanese ThyristorPID controller with imported Japanese transformer
Power supply220 Volts 50Hz220/440 volts, 50 Hz 220/440 volts, 50 Hz

Asbestos Gloves, SS tong

The brass rod holding Clamps, Asbestos Gloves, SS tong

 Two Spare Heaters, Asbestos Gloves, SS tong, Door Brick

Available Muffle furnace Standard Size for all temperatures  (1100, 1450, 1800°C)

ModelChamber Size (inch)Chamber Size (mm)Volume (Liters)
CERAMIC 24 x 4 x 9100 x 100 x 2252 liters
CERAMIC 45 x 5 x 10125 x 125 x 2504 liters
CERAMIC 55 x 5 x 12125 x 125 x 3005 liters
CERAMIC 76 x 6 x 12150 x 150 x 3007 liters
CERAMIC 128 x 8 x 12200 x 200 x 30012 liters
CERAMIC 198 x 8 x 18200 x 200 x 45719 liters
CERAMIC 2812 x 12 x 12300 x 300 x 30028 liters
CERAMIC 4212 x 12 x 18300 x 300 x 45742 liters
CERAMIC 5612 x 12 x 24300 x 300 x 60956 liters

Yatherm reckoned for tailor-made and customized muffle furnace  1100 ° C, 1450°C, 1800° C, post your queries for high-temperature Furnace.


We are manufacturing an Atmospheric muffle furnace with a vacuum facility inside the chamber. Yatherm manufactures atmospheric muffle furnace in the temperature range of 200 degrees Celsius to 1800 degrees Celsius. The atmospheric furnace is used in Pharmaceutical industries for the synthesis & testing purpose.


  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Defense Laboratory
  • Paint Industry
  • Universities
  • Cement Industry
  • Coal Industry
  • Chemical Industry

Atmospheric Muffle furnace Standard Size for all temperatures  (1100, 1450, 1800°C)

ModelChamber Size (inch)Chamber Size (mm)Volume (Liters)
ATOM – 24 x 4 x 9100 x 100 x 2252 liters
ATOM – 45 x 5 x 10125 x 125 x 2504 liters
ATOM – 55 x 5 x 12125 x 125 x 3005 liters
ATOM – 76 x 6 x 12150 x 150 x 3007 liters
ATOM -128 x 8 x 12200 x 200 x 30012 liters
ATOM – 198 x 8 x 18200 x 200 x 45719 liters

Atmospheric Furnace is a kind of Muffle furnace designed to work under an inert atmosphere. The atmospheric furnace has a standard procedure of working. After switching on the machine we vacuum the chamber with the help of a vacuum pump and vacuum gauge provided with the machine. Atmospheric Furnaces are designed to work in Nitrogen & Argon atmosphere. After vacuuming we purge the nitrogen gas inside the chamber for creating the inert atmosphere. An inert atmosphere is generally created to save the testing sample from Oxidation. After gas purging, we start heating the furnace to our desired temperature. Yatherm offers Atmospheric Muffle furnace at an economic price in INDIA.



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