Fume Hoods

Ductless & Ducting Fume Hoods


Laboratory Fume hood station is a class 100 cleanliness cabinet designed to safeguard the user from many dangerous & hazardous fumes released during chemical reactions.  Fume hoods are designed to capture the fumes released during a chemical reaction and then exit through the top with the help of the exhaust system. We are known for the manufacturing of standard and customized fume hood equipment in different designs.


Fume hoods are designed with the ducting facility to exhaust fumes out of your room for a better environment in the side working room. Ductless fume hoods enrich our product line of cleanroom equipment equipped with LCD touch panel & temperature & humidity sensors.


Laboratory Fume Hood cabinets by Yatherm Scientific are offered in different designs and dimensions to fulfill the specific requirements of your research. The customized & standard sizes of Yatherm fume hoods are available 4ft, 5 ft, & 6 ft with the best price in INDIA.

Fume Hood design:

  • Double-layer structure: 1 mm thick sheet metal surface; Chemical resistant phenol resin work table.
  • Audible and visual alarm for changing the filter.
  • Low noise levels energy-efficient mechanism.
  • Three side transparent Acrylic windows, front window reversal design, easy to operate.
  • Conforms to ASHRAE-110-1995
  • CE marked and NABL & NSF certified
  • Floor standing & epoxy coated
  • 8°slope front ergonomics design, fatigue-free working posture
  • Temperature and humidity sensors can detect indoor temperature and humidity in a ductless fume hood
  • Velocity control of approximately 80-100 feet per minute.
  • Semi close ventilated exposures.
  • Provided with a sliding sash made out of special grade shatterproof glass duly framed
  • The illumination level of approx. 800 lux on the work table.
  • heavy duty exhaust system, comprising of the dynamically balanced centrifugal impeller with high-speed motor
  • suitable FRP ducting of required dimension as per the individual requirements
  • Microprocessor-based controls


Noise and Sound Levels

Ductless fume hood has less noise in comparison to aerodynamic industrial Fume hood 50db & 65 dB respectively. These fume hoods are designed as per the standard of NSF & NABL for better output and safety of the user.


Illumination Levels at Work Space

Yatherm fume hoods make sure that a maximum of 1000 lux light is available on the work table through diffuser fluorescent light arrangement.


Exhaust Assembly

500-1250 CM range of exhaust system comes with all types of Fume hoods as per the dimensions and requirements of our customers.  Our exhaust assembly consists of balanced centrifugal impellers with three phases of a high-quality motor for the suction of dangerous fumes.


Exhaust Ducting

We provide FRP ducting material to all end users with ducting facility management by our engineers at the site of the customer.


Air Velocity

Our fume hoods are designed to maintain 90-100 feet/minute face velocity with the sash incomplete opening condition have accuracy +/- 10 feet/minute.


The volume of Exhaust:

We design hoods with constant exhaust volume which is permissible with the help of baffle adjustment. We supply & construct tests at 6% of adjustments with the test certificate of our factory.


Working Sizes
Dimension (length x depth x height)
4’ x 2’ x 2’
5’ x 21/2 x 21/2
6’ x 3’ x 3’

Customized Sizes are Made Against order.

Constructions Stainless Steel 304 or thick PCRC
Table SS 316 or Ceramic Tile Top
Sink SS 304 with Tap
Coating Epoxy coating/ FRP lined
Airflow Unidirectional
Airflow control Three-step airflow speed controller
Blower assembly Centrifugal lubricated bearing type ISI marked assembly
Illumination Philips Light of 800 lux on the work table.
Noise level Noise level of less than 55 dB
Power requirements 750 watt
Nominal voltage 220- 230 volts, 50Hz single phase
Frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
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