Refrigerated Water Bath

Refrigerated Circulatory & Heating Water bath/Recirculating Chiller/Water Bath Circulators



The refrigerated water bath is one of the finest and advanced versions of chiller and heating water bath. We can call it as a combination water bath with heating, cooling & water circulation facility. Yatherm manufactures all kind of water bath in India at a reasonable price with great after-sales support. We supply water bath range from -70 degrees Celsius to 110 degrees Celsius.

Chiller Refrigeration

We manufacture chillers with a temperature range of -70 degrees Celsius having dual compressor technology. Refrigerated water bath designed with complete SS 304 inner chamber for long life & Rustproof. Water has a freezing point 0 degrees Celsius so we can’t use water in the refrigerated water bath. When we use water in the bath temperature of the water bath doesn’t go beyond 4 degrees Celsius because water starts freezing and Sensor can’t read that temperature. We can use Kerosene or ethyl alcohol in the water bath for better accuracy and good results.

  • Kerosene freezing point – (-40 degree Celsius)
  • Ethyl alcohol freezing point – (-114 Degree Celsius)

Water Bath Heating

Heating water bath has a temperature range from room temperature to 100 degrees Celsius. The heating and cooling of water depending on the atmospheric pressure and machines are designed accordingly. Hong Kong has a boiling point of water 100 degrees Celsius where Delhi India has boiling Point 95 degrees Celsius. Our Machine range will be Room temperature to 95 degrees Celsius in India. Yatherm manufactures a high-quality water bath at the best price in India with onsite support. We are known for customization and timely delivery of scientific Equipment.

Water Bath Circulation

Circulation is the most important parameter of the water bath in terms of temperature accuracy. When we use a circulatory pump in heating it gives us the uniform temperature. Using a circulation pump in a cooling bath always gives a rise in temperature. Chillers are surrounded by cooling coils which gives more precise and controlled cooling and pump provide uniformity in the bath. For better circulation in the bath, we should use water with kerosene.

We are a refrigerated circulatory water bath manufacturer in India. You call and we design matching with your complete specification. You post your queries and we will support you with techno-commercial discussion. We provide an unmatched quality product with the best price in India.

  • User-friendly
  • Long life
  • Available in lower (-70 °C) temperature range
  • Cooling and heating in the same water bath
  • Noiseless Circulatory Water Pump
  • Precise & Controlled temperature accuracy
  • CFC /HCFC free refrigeration system
  • Digital controlled
  • Stainless steel 304 Tank
  • Fully automatic
  • Lockable castor wheels
ModelChiller 20Chiller 40
VolumeUp to 20 LitersUp to 40 Liters
Inner Dimensions (mm)350 x 250 x 250450 x 300 x 300
Temperature range-10°C to 110°C (-70°C to 110°C)
Inner chamberSS 304 seamless construction
ExteriorSS 304/ Powder coated GI sheet
Lid/Top CoverSS constructed hood type
Temperature controllerProgrammable controller with auto-tune facility
Temperature sensorPT100
Refrigeration systemCFC/HCFC free with imported compressor 2 years warranty
Heating systemISI Mark U type water heaters
Circulation pump20 liters per minute
Safety featureOver-temperature Protection with high & low buzzer Alarm
Power supplySingle-phase 220 V/50-60 Hz



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